Hiring Disaster Response AgentsIn the wake of recent weather events causing natural disasters to millions of people, there is a need for workers.  A few companies are now hiring Disaster Response Agents to assist people in distress right from your home office.  These jobs are in great demand and are available for you to start working as soon as possible.  If you are currently looking to work from home, please be sure to apply right away.

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There are three companies currently hiring remote agents to respond to natural disaster calls.

  • Telus International
  • Tidal Basin
  • Direct Interactions

I have gone into detail about Telus International and their non-phone work from home opportunities.  You can see some of their jobs here.  I have also featured Direct Interactions on Homebasedmommie.  This employer even recruits individuals who are disabled to work remotely.  You can read about Direct Interactions and their job listings here.

I will explain what each employer is looking for, what your specific job duties will be, and how to apply online.  If you have any additional questions about the job, please refer to the company directly.

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Work from Home Jobs from Telus International

Telus International is currently looking for Disaster Relief Support reps to assist callers with questions and concerns about local and state emergencies.  Your job is to directly support individuals registering for federal assistance.  Callers may also ask questions about prior registrations and seek information about relief programs.  This is a high-volume fast-paced work from home job that will be conducted via phone, email, and chat.

Are there any additional job duties?

Yes.  You will be required to enter information into the database.  You will also provide phone numbers and agency referrals as needed and provide referrals to other disaster assistance providers.  Other job duties may be assigned as needed.

What is Telus International looking for in their remote workers?

They are looking for remote agents who are customer service-focused.  You must also have a friendly and polite disposition along with a professional phone demeanor.  Qualified candidates need good English language communication skills, can multitask, work independently, and can work a 40-hour work week.  You also need to be a US citizen with a high school diploma or equivalent.

Telus International also hires bilingual agents to work from home.  Bilingual agents are required to be fluent in English and Spanish in reading, writing, and speaking.

What equipment will I need for my home office?

You must have a quiet workspace free of distractions and noise, an internet connection, and can troubleshoot your own devices and connectivity.

How much does Telus International pay?

This particular work from home job pays $20 to $21 per hour.

How do I apply?

Please click here to apply for Telus International.  They are only hiring candidates in select states.

Work from Home jobs from Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin is a provider of disaster recovery consulting services.  They are currently hiring Disaster Response Support agents who have experience working in local or state emergency operations centers or in disaster response.

What are my job duties?

As an agent, you will be required to provide ongoing expertise related to various natural disasters including fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

What are they looking for in a potential candidate?

Tidal Basin desires people who are experienced with technology tools and possess effective communication.  You also need to be adaptable and can multitask, have experience managing people, and possess practical knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations and requirements.

How much will I make?

The pay is undisclosed for this job listing.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply for this position from Tidal Basin.

Work from Home jobs from Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions is also hiring Disaster Relief Agents to work from home on a temporary basis.  Orientation began a few days ago but they are still accepting applications for this position.  This job will require you to upload a current resume.  If you don’t have an up-to-date resume, you can get one here.

What are my job duties?

As a Disaster Relief Agent, you will be required to accept incoming calls from people who have been affected by a natural disaster.  Your job is to provide each caller with the assistance and help they need during this stressful time.

What are the job requirements?

You must be able to remain calm and show empathy and compassion when speaking with callers.  You must possess good communication, can problem-solve, and have a passion for providing great service.  In addition, qualified candidates must type 30 wpm, use a computer quickly and accurately, have good written communication skills, be good listeners, and a self-starters.

Not sure how fast you type?  Take this easy typing test here to find out what your current typing speed is.

What are the technical requirements?

All candidates must have a computer or laptop.  Chromebooks, tablets, or iPads are not allowed.  You also need high-speed Internet, firewall, and antivirus software installed on your computer or laptop.

How much does Direct Interactions pay?

This job pays $15 per hour with paid training.

Are there any perks?

Yes.  Direct Interactions allow remote workers to pick their own hours and work in 1-hour increments if they choose to do so.

How do I apply?

You can apply for this position by clicking here.


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