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Best Sites to use for Cash in 2024Would you like to know the best sites you can use for cash in 2024?  As we close out 2023 and embark toward 2024, you may be wondering what are the best ways you can earn real cash for the time you spend online.  There are a variety of things you can do right now from your computer, smartphone, or even tablet like selling digital products, using your voice, answering questions, and so much more.

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Remember, it is always good to write down your goals so that you can see them in front of you.  This helps you to visualize them in your mind and makes you accountable so that you will work hard to achieve them.  It is also advantageous to not limit yourself to one way of earning cash because if it doesn’t work, you will get discouraged and likely give up.

Broaden your goals to include a variety of income streams.  And if one doesn’t work, pivot and try another.  This is something I’ve always done which helps to carry me through to the next venture.

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  1. Etsy – This platform is a great way for you to make money selling digital and/or physical products to millions of customers.  It is very easy to set up your Etsy Shop in less than an hour!  You can even get paid daily.  Etsy is open to sellers worldwide.  You can find out how to set up your own Etsy Shop today here and get 40 free listings to get you started.
  2. Payhip – Make money selling to others online with digital courses, ebooks, software files, coaching, memberships, clothes, and other physical goods, and even digital products.  There is no built-in audience so you will have to bring customers to your products but they take care of all the transactions for you.  It is completely free.
  3. Rare Patient Voice – Get paid $120 per hour to share your thoughts on health conditions or diseases you have been diagnosed with as a patient or caregiver of someone.  If your study lasts 30 minutes, you will earn $60 at the $120 per hour rate.
  4. Prolific – This is a great panel to join to earn real cash to answer questions about behaviors in various scenarios, personality types, opinions about products, shopping habits, etc.
  5. Facebook – Most people wouldn’t think of Facebook as a way to earn cash but you can in groups or on your Facebook Business page by promoting various offers, products, items, and more for others to purchase.
  6. Spotify – Spotify will pay you to make playlists or when someone streams your music (if you’re an artist) and to create content that others will listen to in a Podcast.  You can even turn on features like listener support, when you read ads, activate automated ads from various brands and companies, and with subscriptions.
  7. Bluehost – Create an online store to sell your products or start a blog or website with Bluehost.  You can reach virtually anyone with your content, products, and services who has access to the internet.
  8. Magic Ears – Help others learn how to speak English fluently in your spare time as a Teacher.  This company offers instant bookings and even allows you to choose your own hours.  You can earn up to $26 per hour doing this in your spare time.
  9. Cambly – If you like to chat with others, you can earn cash if you are a native English speaker to help others learn English without a teaching degree, certificate, or prior teaching experience.  You get paid for every minute you spend talking online.  Weekly payments.
  10. Teachable – Similar to Udemy, this platform allows you to earn money by creating online courses students can take on almost any subject or topic.  You can set your own prices and decide what topics or subjects you want to discuss in each course.
  11. Shutterstock – Earn cash by selling your photos, videos, and other high-quality images to this company as a Contributor.  You will get paid every time your content is downloaded by one of their global customers.
  12. Clickworker – Complete easy at your own pace non-phone tasks from your computer or smartphone.  Each task is unique and only takes a few minutes to complete.  They range from categorizing data to recording voice prompts, and so much more.  Weekly payments via PayPal.
  13. Mturk – Amazon Mturk is a platform allowing freelancers to earn cash to complete random gigs online that may include typing grocery receipts, viewing images, finding contact information for YouTubers, and so much more.
  14. Survey Savvy – Earn $15 a month to install their app on your smartphone, tablet, and computer.  Keep it installed to earn $180 every year.  You simply browse the web, shop online, and read your email as you normally would.  You can also take surveys to earn up to $100 in cash or more.
  15. Respondent – Earn $50 and up to participate in various research studies from your computer, phone, or discussion boards.  The studies range from hair products to finances, new websites, and more.
  16. User Interviews – This company has virtual studies for consumers and business owners that pay up to $180 for one hour of your time.  Most studies have to be completed with your computer but some allow you to use your smartphone and tablet.
  17. Cloud Connect – This panel is very similar to Prolific with daily studies you can complete about attitudes, relationships, current events, consumer choices, and more.
  18. Data Annotation – Work from home and get paid $20 per hour to help write content for Chatbots, interact with them, work on long-term projects, and so much more.  You choose which projects you want to work on and for how long.
  19. IntelliZoom – Answer questions online and provide your feedback with this panel.  They also have online interviews that pay $60 for about an hour of your time.  Most studies are conducted through your tablet or smartphone.
  20. National Consumer Panel – Get cash and gift cards to scan barcodes from items you purchase online, at the store, and more.
  21. Paid Viewpoint – Get paid cash fast or instant gift cards to answer interesting polls on various products and topics daily.  You can cash out when you have earned $15 the first time and then when you hit the $5 threshold thereafter.
  22. LEO – Earn money to discuss your opinions on social matters, products, events in your area or on the national scene, and more.  You can complete them from your phone, computer, and/or tablet.
  23. GG2U – Earn PayPal cash, Bitcoin, and gift cards to listen to the radio every day between 4 and 11 pm EST.  Plus you can earn more when you play games, answer surveys, and watch videos online.  You will get $1 when you join today.  Open worldwide.
  24. Remotasks – Another company that will pay you $15 to $18 per hour based on your skills for short writing and evaluation assignments to help train AI Chatbots.  They are open to people in several states.  Pays weekly via PayPal or AirTM.
  25. Qmee – Earn money instantly when you browse the web, take daily polls, shop online, play games, take pop quizzes, and more.
  26. Upside – Download this app with the code ALICIA7572 to get $0.30 cashback off each gallon of gas you purchase.  You will also earn money when you eat out and even buy groceries.
  27. Ibotta – Get real cash when you shop at stores like Kroger, Walmart, Amazon, Target, and many others.  All you have to do is upload your receipt or connect your accounts if you shop online.  Pays instantly.
  28. Mistplay – This app is the #1 loyalty program for mobile gamers to earn cash and rewards to discover and play new games.  You can also win grand prizes each month.  Only available on Google Play.
  29. Fiverr – Use this platform to write articles for others, type documents, promote other people’s products, and more for a fee.  All money earned is paid to you in cash.  Watch this video to find out how I made $75 in just 5 minutes with Fiverr.
  30. Amazon Shopper Panel – Earn $1 for every receipt you scan.  You will earn more if you take surveys and allow ads.
  31. Telus – This company has easy non-phone jobs for people to search the web and evaluate the results as well as many other tasks.  If you are hired to be a Rater for this company, you can earn close to or over $1,600 a month working your own schedule for this company.
  32. Swagbucks – Get paid when you search the web, answer questions, play games, shop online, visit websites, etc.  This site is open worldwide and has already paid out over $560,000,000 to members so far.
  33. Dscout – Get paid to share your feedback and experiences on various products and services as a Scout.  You can earn from a few to a hundred dollars or more by completing online missions.
  34. PrizeRebel – Join this survey panel today to earn cash by taking daily surveys in your spare time.  You can also earn to complete offers.  Cash out multiple times a day.
  35. InstaGC – Get instant gift cards or cash when you click on ads, complete simple tasks and trials, watch unlimited videos, and so much more.
  36. Field Agent – This free app will pay you in cash to your bank account when you complete simple missions using your smartphone.  You may be asked to take photos of displays in stores, try products, and do other tasks.  Open worldwide.
  37. Feature Points – This app allows you to download and try new free apps for money.  You can earn more when you answer questions, complete offers, and share the app with your friends.
  38. Earnably – If you like watching videos online, you will enjoy Earnably.  They have a catalog of videos in various genres you can watch to earn cash.  They will also pay you to play games, take surveys, and complete offers.
  39. 1Q – Get paid for every text message you receive.  Payments are sent out instantly in cash to your PayPal account.
  40. 25 Clicks – Get paid in cash weekly to complete easy tasks from your smartphone to evaluate search engine results.


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