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If you like the idea of blogging about a variety of subjects and you are looking for some job opportunities that pay for your content, I have a few writing gigs that need bloggers.

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If there is a company that needs bloggers to write on a subject that you do not feel too comfortable writing about, you can do research on the internet, library, or wherever you can find related source material.  Just keep in mind that this may take some time and it is for research purposes only and not copied.  If you don’t have the time to do research, simply pick a subject that you are interested in or have some knowledge or expertise in.  You want your content to be original so that your personality will shine through your material.  This will make you stand out as unique and interesting as a writer or blogger.

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You can check the page entitled “Resources” on this website, for tips, to make sure that your content has not been duplicated, to count how many words are contained in your material, and even a keyword density checker, which are all free.

Unanchor is paying up to $100 upfront for approved self-guided tour itineraries!  Pay is immediate upon acceptance via paypal.  Read more details online.

Social Nexus

Need bloggers to write short blog posts on topics that are of interest to them.  You will be paid $15 per each blog post and they will need you to submit 10 posts per month.

Budget Travel

They accept submissions from freelance writers.  They pay .50 to $1 per word.  You will need to send a sample of your published work for this company.

NY Times

Send in a letter to the editor.  They will pay $50 per blog post.

The Expeditioner

They welcome freelance writers to submit their travel adventures or experiences.  Prefer the article to contain at least 1,000 to 1,300 words.

The Lost Girls

They are looking for travel essays or service-oriented articles.  They pay $12 via paypal for country or city guide articles, italy travel guide and pitching 101.  Read more details on their website.

Krazy Coupon Lady

They pay $20 per blog post or article of at least 200-800 words about your money-saving tips and anything that is related to this topic.

Creative Weblogging

Blog network paying $8 to $11 per post plus monthly bonuses.

Ongoing need for bloggers.  They pay $4 per blog and have a 90-day training period.  You can receive annual raises and quarterly bonuses.

Sponsored Reviews

This website allows you to write honest reviews about advertiser’s services and products for $5 per post and up.  You can write in your own style and tone.  You get paid every two weeks.

Pro Blogger

They have current job listings for bloggers that they update on a regular basis.  If you write or blog, you can earn extra income by being a professional blogger.  There are many opportunities here.  Check it out.

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