Are you looking for a non-stressful work at home job?  Do you prefer to work from home without having to chat with customers over the phone?   If so, Appian Communications, LLC currently has several openings for you.  I originally found out about this position as I was searching for legitimate work at home job leads and it was posted on the weekly job section of this website.  Appian still has positions that need to be filled at the moment.  What they need are independent contractors to push or stress test their new VOIP system as a VOIP Tester.  But what does this job entail, how long will it last and how can you apply online will be discussed in this article.

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What will I be doing as a VOIP tester?

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The job is quite simple.  So much so, that it could even be defined or described as mostly passive work.  As a VOIP tester, you will use your cell or home phone to dial a number that is in the UK, listen to music or a song playing in the background, enter a code, and put the phone to the side.  You will repeat this process for every call you make.  Although you will have to use your phone, you will never have to speak to anyone which is why this is a non-phone work at home job.

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How long is this job expected to last?

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Predictions have varied in the past but you can expect to work this job at least until the end of the year and possibly longer if more work is available.

What hours will I be required to work?

VOIP testers need to be available to make calls during the weekday from Monday through Friday from 3 am to 1 pm EST.  Calls are expected to last at least an hour and 30 minutes or up to 1,000 minutes for every month, on average.  If at all possible, try to make the calls on a daily basis to keep the workload steady.

What is the pay for a VOIP Tester?

The pay rates are as follows:  It starts at $0.08 to $0.10 per minute.  Payments are sent out either by ACH or PayPal bi-weekly.

What is required in order to qualify to be a VOIP Tester?

You are not required to have any experience at all but you will need to have phone service with one of the carriers listed below.  You must also have or be willing to add an international plan to your phone.  VOIP Testers are required to make at least 95% of the calls.

Here is the phone service carrier that you will need to have if you live in the US.  Comcast, Verizon, Cricket, Sprint,  or T-Mobile.

For VOIP Testers who live in Canada, you will need to have CHATR, FIDO, or Koodo as your phone carrier.

Why I recommend this job?

First of all, I like the idea of doing passive work from home because work in (general) can be exhaustive and sometimes stressful, this work at home job may come as a “breathe of fresh air” to those who desire a peaceful working atmosphere.  I highly recommend it for remote job seekers who live in Canada and need an entry-level work at home job.  It is also a great opportunity for those with no previous work at-home experience to get their foot in the door.

How to Apply?

Please visit Appian Communications official website here and let them know that recommended this position to you.  If you desire more non-phone work at home jobs, please visit this page.  If you live outside the US and need more global work at home job leads, please go to WorkersonboardWorldwide.


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