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Are you a person that has the desire to work from home but lack the experience needed to do so?  Have you ever came across a work at home job that seemed just perfect for you but you didn’t have the qualifications to be a possible candidate?  Are you just starting off on your work at home journey but would like a job that pays their remote workers at least minimum wage or more for your time?  If so, this post is for you because the work at home job leads that will be included in this list fit those needs.

Working from home tutoring or teaching students is one of those categories that may seem to be out of your reach but there are some companies that will pay you a fair hourly rate to teach English online without a degree or previous teaching experience.  You can also earn from $50 up to $150 a week or more sharing your knowledge and expertise in articles that you have written. These are just a few examples of what you will find in this article.  Work at home jobs that are worth your time so that you can spend less time working and more time with your family.  Feel free to comment and share if you enjoy this post!

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  1. Lionbridge – Work from home as a search engine evaluator where you analyze the search engine results based on ad placement.  You can work from home part time earning around $13 per hour.  There is no experience required but you will need to take an assessment beforehand.
  2. Nice Talk Tutor – is a mobile app that will pay you to teach English to Chinese students through video chat.  If you are fluent in English, have a smartphone and stable, fast Internet connection you are qualified to apply to be an English tutor.  The pay for this kind of work is $10 per hour.  You will be able to request your earnings after you have made $20 through your PayPal account.  It is open to tutors in the US, Canada, England, Australia and possibly other countries.
  3. Palfish – Set your own hours and rate to help others practice ong-on-one oral English through video chat.  You will get paid minute with this app and you can price your sessions from $5 up to $45.  There is no minimum threshold to meet in order to receive a payment via PayPal.  You must be a native English speaker and have a smartphone.  You can download the app for free on Google Play, the App Store and on your iPhone.  You can read over their application guide here.
  4. Skimatalk – If you are a native English speaker you can get paid to teach English from anywhere in the world with this site.  You will need a computer with a built in microphone or a headset as well as Skype installed on your computer in order to take lessons.  Sessions last around 25 minutes and you can earn up to $1,000 per month or more with this company.
  5. italki – Work from home as a community tutor for italki where you can meet and help students from all over the world learn a new language via Skype.  You can set your own schedule and set your own prices as a tutor.  There is no experience required but you will need to either have a verified PayPal, Alipay, Webmoney or Moneybookers (Skrill) account in order to get paid.  You will also need a computer or tablet, headset and webcam, Skype or other free VOIP programs to tutor students online.  You will be required to make a short 2-4 minute video introduction about yourself to display your teaching style to potential students.  This website does not require you to be a native English speaker.
  6. Constant Content – Write content in the form of articles for customers and get paid cash when they buy them.  I used to write for this company and I remember selling one article for around $40.  Make sure that you submit content that only you have written because you will get banned from this site.
  7. Usertesting – Get paid $10 to visit a website or app and share your thoughts through your computer microphone about what you discovered.  Tests take around 20 minutes to complete.  Pays through your PayPal account.  Open worldwide.
  8. Whatusersdo – A similar website that will pay you to test their client’s websites and give your feedback online.  Pays $8 per test and also takes less than 20 minutes per test.
  9. Clickworker – If you can work pretty fast and efficiently, you can earn close to $10 per hour with this site completing various tasks in data categorization, writing, translation, web search evaluation and more.  Weekly pay.
  10. Transcribeme – Transcribe audio and video files from home in any language without any previous experience.  They have training modules to help you become a professional transcriptionist.  All you need is a computer and reliable Internet connection.  Work whenever you want.  General transcription rates pay $20 per audio hour.  Payment are made weekly via PayPal as long as you have $20 in your account.  There is an exam that is required for all applicants.
  11. Needle – Work from home helping people with various brands and products as a chat agent.  You have the potential to earn at least $10 per hour and possibly more if there is a surge in traffic on their website.  You will earn money sharing your expertise and get to chat with customers at the same time.
  12. Appen – This company has various work at home jobs including short-term projects as a social media evaluator, Voice Data Collection, Crowdsourcing projects, translators, copywriters and more.  They offer a flexible schedule for busy moms and pay more than minimum wage.
  13. Maritz Research – This companies hires telephone interviewers to work from home reading from a script gathering information from various individuals.  It is an easy work at home job with very flexible hours that pays weekly.  You will have to work on at least one weekend day.  It good company to work for first timers that offers paid training and incentives.  You can read about the starting wage and raise for new hires here.
  14. Zero Chaos – This company has work from home jobs advertised online as “Ad Quality Raters” where you will view web advertisements in relation to the search engine results.  The hours are completely flexible and you can even use Wifi connection to complete the work.  You may also be required to have a smartphone.  They pay $15 per hour and require no experience. They have several openings that you can apply to now.
  15. Leapforce – This particular company also recruits independent agents to work from home conducting research and feedback on search engine results.  There is a long application process but if you are able to get the position and have a consistent workload, you can work 40 hours a week.  You can set your own schedule and the pay is by direct deposit.  The pay rate is at least $13 per hour but may vary up to $15 per hour.

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