What if I told you that you there are some companies that have impressive perks for their home based workers.  What kind of perks?  Because you will be applying to work from home positions, these perks or incentives would be somewhat unique, not your average perks like receiving a discount for your lunch, free parking, fitness memberships, daycare centers at work, etc.

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Some companies that hire and use people to work from home recognize that potential candidates may be low on funds initially but have the desire and discipline to work from their home office.  The only thing that may be stopping them from doing so is that they may not have a printer, or money to pay for long distance phone service or high speed Internet connection as a lot of companies require.  What solution have they come up with?

A few companies understand the costs that the average remote worker may have to incur and they are willing to cut down or reimburse some of those expenses which makes the job even more appealing.  Not only can you work from home but you may even get your high speed Internet connection paid for, they may even provide you with a headset, and a couple of companies have even been known to set you up with your very own computer!  This ensures those remote workers that nothing can stop you from working from home, if this is your desire.

So now that you know that there are some legitimate companies that offer perks, the next question becomes, “What companies will do this?”  I have a list of legitimate work at home companies that offer awesome perks that you can see listed below.  Please keep in mind they may or may not hiring at this time but make sure you are on the lookout for them so that when they are hiring, apply as soon as you can to help you save even more money while working from home.

  • ABC Financial – ABC Financial will provide you with computer equipment.
  • Accurate Background Inc. – This company will reimburse you $60 every month for your Internet and long distance service. 
  • Apple – This company will provide you with an iMac to make your job easier.  They also offer benefits, and employee discounts on their various apple products.
  • Active Network – This company will provide you with a headset and company computer.
  • AllState Insurance – This well-known company will provide their remote workers with  a phone and other equipment.
  • American Kidney Services – Allows you to use your cell phone to work from home.
  • American Express – They provide you with computer equipment and money towards your phone bill.
  • Century Link – This company will provide you with a headset, phone, and possibly an amplifier after you complete training.
  • Citi Group – Company will provide PC, monitor, phone, headset and keyboard.
  • Concero Resources – They will provide you with all the technical equipment needed and reimburse you for your high speed Internet connection.
  • Doherty Staffing – This company will provide you with a PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, and surge protector.
  • Higher One – They will reimburse you $30 for phone service.
  • Kelly Services – This company has been known to provide their remote workers with a computer and other necessary equipment to work from home.  Perks will depend on the job that you apply for.
  • Language Line Solutions – Your headset will be reimbursed by the company.
  • Real Page – You can use VOIP and not have to purchase land line phone service to work for this company.
  • Reynolds & Reynolds – This company will provide you with a company car, blackberry, laptop, printer, scanner, copier, and a furnished corporate apartment for your training in their Houston TX location for 5 months and then transition to working from home.
  • Sedgwick – This company will reimburse you for your phone and Internet connection and provide you with a computer, keyboard, mouse, and phone if you get hired.
  • Tender Home Care – They hire remote workers to assist their after hours emergency line.  They will provide a cellphone with Internet.
  • Transparent Health Group – This company needs bilingual call center agents to work from home.  Company will provide phone and headset.
  • Wayfair – This company will provide you with all the necessary equipment needed to work from home.
  • Windy City Call Center – They will provide you with a company headset.

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