5 Work from Home Call Listening JobsDid you know that you can work from home listening to calls?  There are at least 5 companies now hiring remote workers to listen to recorded calls from various businesses and industries for call quality purposes.  Listening to calls is a non-phone job that generally requires very minimal skills and little to no experience.  If you are interested in applying, please continue reading to find out more about this work from home opportunity.

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Is this a legitimate work from home opportunity?

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Yes.  Real companies need people to evaluate various aspects of their business especially when it comes to customer service to ensure high-quality service.  Listening to and monitoring calls allows each company to maintain or improve the level of satisfaction and service they provide to each customer.  It also helps to reduce legal issues and unethical practices.

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Without this feature, both companies and customers suffer.  Companies risk losing valuable customers due to problems and issues arising that are not addressed and customers may lose trust in the company and its products and services.  This is why Call Monitors/Evaluators/or Quality Assurance Specialists are needed.  As long as companies value their reputation and customers, there will always be a need for Call Monitors.

How much will I earn listening to calls?

The pay is different for each employer.  Most companies chose to pay by the hour and others pay per call reviewed.  Check with each company to see their current pay rate before you apply online.

Who is hiring people to listen to calls?

There are at least 5 companies now hiring remote workers to listen to recorded calls from home.  I will list the names of each company including the details below.


Bloom is an insurance company hiring Seasonal Quality Assurance Reps to review and score recorded calls.  This is needed to identify trends and make recommendations for improvement.  You will also identify gaps in soft skills, document agent interaction with customers, and flag compliance issues when identified.  Qualified candidates will need good verbal, comprehension, and writing skills.  You must also have a high school diploma or GED.  Find out how much they pay and other details in my latest video below.


Work from home for PointQA as a Quality Analyst.  You will be responsible for listening to and scoring calls to evaluate and analyze agent-customer interactions for behavior, sales, retention, and service.  You must have 2 years of call center or equivalent experience, have completed high school with good listening and analytical skills, be willing to work 40 hours a week, and live in the Phillippines.  PointQA pays an hourly base pay rate and they have a referral program to help you earn more money.  You will need to take and complete a pre-hire assessment as a part of the application process.


Cognosante is now hiring Quality Analysts to audit recorded customer service and sales calls.  You will also be required to take notes during each audit to analyze the interaction between callers and team members, adherence to policies and procedures, and the use of soft skills to solve issues.  You will provide concise written feedback on what can be improved and helpful coaching tips.  This job requires 1 year of experience in a job that utilizes problem-solving and reasoning, can type 35 wpm with 85% accuracy, customer service knowledge, attention to detail, ability to multitask with MS Office proficiency, and strong written communication.  This job pays up to $19.10 per hour working 20 hours a week.

Cognosante also needs people to listen to calls who speak English and Spanish as a Bilingual Spanish Quality Analyst and 2 other similar roles you can apply for as a Part-Time Technical Quality Analyst and a Part-Time Bilingual Spanish Technical Quality Analyst.


Humanatic has been recruiting remote agents for 8+ years to work from home listening to recorded calls from your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone.  As you listen to each call, you will look for indicators (based on the category selected) to determine the outcome of each call.  You can set your own time as to how much you want to work and when.  Humanatic is open to people worldwide and pays every week through your PayPal account.  All you need is internet access and a verified PayPal account to start reviewing calls.  Humanatic pays per call reviewed.  Each call rate varies per category selected.

You can find out more about Humanatic, how it works, and a detailed review from a Humanatic employee here.


Acclara is now hiring Quality Assurance Analysts to monitor inbound and outbound calls for proper patient interaction and client performance.  You will record the results of assessments and audits and recommend the best practices for ongoing process improvement.  This job requires 2 years of previous customer service, call center, self-pay collections, or healthcare insurance collections experience.  You also need good computer navigational skills, basic math skills, computer literacy, excellent verbal skills, knowledge of EOBs, CPTs, etc.  Acclara pays an hourly rate between $16.33 to $28.54 per hour with benefits and 401K.

Do you plan on applying for or have you worked for any of these companies?  If so, please leave your comments below.


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