How to Get Data Entry Work at Home

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I know how difficult it can be to find and obtain legitimate data entry work from home.  At times, it can seem to be next to impossible.  This is largely due to the abundance of data entry (scams) on the Internet today, claiming that you can make up to $28 per hour typing at home.  They are posted everywhere.  You can’t escape it!

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But what if you found a legitimate data entry company like Cass Info, GAO, Dion Data Solutions, or the smart crowd at Lionbridge and you still have difficulty getting accepted for these companies.  Does this mean that you should give up your goal to work from home as a data entry operator?  Not necessarily.  Many of these companies either have a waiting list or require you to complete and pass their typing assessment skill test in order to get the position.  But if you lack the patience or need a data entry job like yesterday, there are some things that you can try that may require you to think outside the box.  What do I mean?  Let me explain.

I realize that data entry is an aggressively desired job that can make it a challenge for you to land a position but you can turn the tables around and have the clients come to you.  How can this be accomplished?  By offering your typing skills to others in exchange for pay.  You could initially try one of those open marketplaces like Fiverr and offer to type a page, document, or report for others for $5.  You can even do add-ons where you will agree to deliver the work in just a day or two for an extra $20 or agree to do several pages for an extra $5 per page or whatever you decide.  Make sure that you stipulate exactly what your typing gig involves and does not involve so that it will be worth your while.  Those data entry gigs and tasks could turn out to equate to you earning $10 to $15 per hour or much more (depending upon how popular your gig is and how many customers you receive).

If you acquire a lot of satisfied clients on Fiverr, they may become repeat customers and refer new customers to you which will allow you to make a decent income doing data entry from home and give you the option of starting your own data entry business!  With your own business, you can branch out and reach even more clientele and even set up a free or paid blog on Bluehost for just $3.45 a month or another website of your choice to promote your services and display your portfolio.  It will also give you more control over the prices that you set, help you to take home all of your revenue and not have to share it with others, and allow you to earn even more revenue if you decide to monetize or make money from your blog or website.

Of course, Fiverr is not the only option because you could use advertise your services on Craigslist, Odesk, or even UpWork.  Pursuing and taking advantage of as many avenues as you can will bring you a lot of exposure.  This is exactly what you want and need to finally do data entry work at home and have the customers coming to you.  Until you get those customers, you could try some freelance tasks and gigs that have data entry work on an ongoing or seasonal basis.  They may not pay a lot but they will help you to improve your speed, accuracy and overall typing skills for your next typing gig.

Freelance Typing Gigs

Amazon Mturk (Pr9 data entry gigs)

Clickworker (occasional typing tasks)

Lionbridge smart crowd (typing test required)  must score at least 99% or above to be offered a data entry position with a possible wait time of 4-8 weeks

Sig Track (seasonal work at home typing position)

MegaTypers (typing catpcha codes)  Read my full review here and see my payment proof from this company

Humanatic (there is data entry work at Humanatic in the Car Wars call summary reviews)  You can read my full review about data entry jobs at Humanatic here

You can also find more legitimate data entry work at home jobs by frequently visiting the weekly job section or Friday freebie page of this website or watching my YouTube videos.

Don’t forget to check out the video to find out exactly what it is like to type alpha and numeric keystrokes from home for Lionbridge.

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