10 Work at home Jobs that Hire Fast

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Have you ever applied to a work at home job and you never heard back from the company or it took almost 3 months or longer to get a response?  Many of you have experienced this in the past or currently which can be very discouraging.  Some of you have even decided to apply to other companies or work 2 or more gigs to fill in the gaps while you wait for that “one” company to let you know if you have gotten the position.  Well, you don’t have to wait that long anymore (unless you just want to) because there are a few companies that have a quick process when it comes to recruiting and approving applicants so that they can begin working and earning money online.  Which ones are they?  Just how long is the hiring process and many other details will be explained in this post.

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Before you start applying, make sure that you have your home office set up with the proper equipment that you will need including but not limited to a computer, desk or table to work at, printer, headset and any other office supplies that you will need on hand.  It is also important to have an up-to-date resume that you can send to potential employers.  Save a copy of your resume to your computer file and/or a USB flash drive (just in case you get a virus on your computer or for back up) so that you will not have to spend the time creating one when you find a job that is of interest to you.  This will save you some time, eliminate frustrations and delays so that you will be prepared and ready to go to work when you are offered the position.  You can even purchases any of these items on Amazon and never have to leave your home.

10 Work at home Jobs that Hire Fast

  1. American Support – This company has call center work at home jobs for inbound and outbound telesales agents working full or part time.  You will need at least 6 months experience and confidence to upsell products and services for their company.  They offer hourly pay at a starting rate of $9 per hour.  They hire agents every week!
  2. Call Center QA – This company has an ongoing need for telephone mystery shoppers to work from home evaluating various businesses across the US.  This is one of the few work at home jobs that does not require any experience whatsoever or a background check.  You can use a cell phone as long as it has unlimited long distance service.  After you apply online and complete a test call, you will be offered your first paid call within a week.  Pays $5 per call.
  3.  Humanatic – Work from home using your smartphone, tablet or computer reviewing previously live recorded phone calls and sorting them into categories.  It is a very easy work at home job that does require accuracy.  The more efficient and accurate you are, the more you will earn.  Application process takes less than 5 minutes to complete.  Many are able to start working that same day or shortly thereafter.  Weekly pay.  Pays $1 for your first call.
  4. Net Transcripts – This company is seeking individuals to transcribe various audio content from home.  You must have a 99% accuracy rating typing 80 wpm with excellent grammar and proofreading skills.  Some openings may require previous experience.
  5. Rev.com – This company is always hiring freelancers to work from home transcribing audio and video files as well as other documents.  They also have positions for those who can translate documents or captions from one language to another.  You can choose your own work schedule and work whenever you want.  Weekly pay via PayPal.  You may hear back from this company in less than a week’s time.
  6. Teleflora – This company offers temporary or seasonal assignments for home agents to enter customer orders into their system, assist with existing orders, troubleshoot and resolve customer concerns for individuals calling to place floral orders.  This company does require that you work on holidays for around 20-40 hours per week.  You will also need good typing and computer navigation skills.  The interview process is fast and is not drawn out.  They may not be hiring right now but expect to see job listings for this company in November.
  7. Teletech – Some remote workers have said that they have received a job offer to work from home for TeleTech in as little as 3 days.  That is pretty fast!  They hire home agents to assist their customers via phone, chat or social media.  You can be just 17 and work for this company.  To find out some other companies that hire teens to work from home, check out this post and visit this page.  There is a learning curve if you have never worked in customer service before but a lot of people recommend this company as a great place to start if you want to work from home.  You will need internet connection and a home phone.
  8. VOIP – This is one of the easiest work at home jobs that you could do as a VOIP tester.  You will simply call a phone number, listen to music in the background, set the phone aside and repeat the process all over again.  This company needs US contractors to stress test their system.  This job is expected to last at least through the beginning of next year.  You will be required to make calls at least 7 days a week.  You will not speak to anyone on the phone.  Pays on the last Friday of each month via ACH or PayPal.  Must have phone service with the carriers listed on their website.
  9. Working Solutions – This is a highly recommend work at home employer that has several work at home job leads in various departments taking inbound calls and emails from members regarding accounts, features, questions, etc.  There are absolutely no fees that you have to pay to work for this company.  You can apply within 2-3 minutes with any device whether it be a computer, tablet or smartphone.  The entire process will take less than 45 minutes to complete.  A recruiter will schedule an interview with you within 1-2 weeks of you completing all the steps in the application process.
  10. Zero Chaos – This company has been known to hire ad quality raters to work from home.  I frequently post their positions on the weekly job section or Friday freebie page of this website.  Some have commented that the application process took less than a week from start to finish and then they were offered a position to work from home.  It is easy part time work with flexible hours and decent hourly pay starting at $15 per hour.

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