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50 Ways to promote and make money bloggingOne of the most reliable ways to earn money online is with a blog.  There are literally thousands of people who have quit their jobs to start their own blogs and never looked back.  If you are currently looking for a work at home job, in need of a steady income online, love to share your thoughts and ideas, enjoy writing in your spare time, or are looking for something different…try blogging.

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In case you are hesitant, here are some fun facts about blogging that you may not be aware of.

  1. Takes no special skills.
  2. An entry-level internet user can start a blog.
  3. A blog can be set up in one day.
  4. You can blog whenever you want.
  5. Anybody can blog no matter where they live or what age they are.
  6. If you can write, you can blog.
  7. You can make hundreds or thousands of dollars a day with a blog.  Not kidding.  You can see how much I made in one day with my blog by reading this book, “How to Make Money Everyday Blogging for Full-Time Income.
  8. Gives you a great outlet.
  9. Can help you to be productive at home.
  10. Gives people something to look forward to.
  11. Only takes a few minutes to write a post.
  12. Will naturally help you type faster.
  13. Affords a unique way to connect with others.
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After you have acquired your blog and have it all set up, you are now ready to make money with it.  Here are some practical ways you can earn money from your blog.

Blogging Tip:  Making money with a blog won’t happen fast.  It may take several months to get noticed but don’t give up.  Be patient and be willing to put in the effort and you will see good results from all your hard work.

50 Ways to Promote and Make Money from a Blog

1. Remember to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.  Link them to your blog.
2. Remember friends and relatives who will bring in their friends and relatives.
3. Get involved with the community bloggers who sell similar products.  Make comments on their blogs and add a link to your site.
4. Answer all comments on your blog.  Try to maintain connections with commentators.
5. Become acquainted with similar bloggers.  Get a guest post on their blog.
6. Keep your blog fresh and interesting.  Don’t post often enough and people will stay away. Have a regular blogging schedule.  Keep connections and build sales.
7. Important-keep email addresses of persons who comment.  Answer the email address.
8. Get a Google webmaster account and add your blog to it.  It helps you to become a good SEO.
9. Keep writing distinct short sentences, separated by headings and short paragraphs.
10. Have great content.

Now to Sell

11. Start selling advertising.  Advertisers will come to your blog, not right away, but once established.
12. Get Google Adsense.  Google will do the work, collect the money, and pay earnings to you on a monthly basis.
13. Put a link to your selling page on the blog.
14. People love images.  Photos of your products on the blog look good.  Even add a video.
15. Write an eBook of your specialty.  Writing an eBook is easier than it sounds.  eBooks sell well.
16. Sell memberships.  Give members special discounts or let them see items
set aside for members.

My Specialty

17. Highlight something unique about your item or service, something no one else has.  Make it wonderful, inspiring, great.
18. Get a name that people will like or will remember that closely relates to your item or blog content.
19. Sponsor a webinar.  Contact similar businesses offer a prize on your blog and you reap contacts of potential clients.
20. Be a paid speaker concerning your product.
21. Find and like products that you can offer to make a review to put on your blog for a fee.
22. Take on products to sell and have them drop shipped.  Booksellers do this.
23. List your tools.  Get paid for each name.  See this kind of ad in the back of cookbooks listing sources.
24. Put a face to your blog.  People relate to and feel more comfortable frequenting blogs with a real person behind them.

25. Have a site sponsorship.  Someone deals exclusively with your advertising on your blog.

Remember to Write

26. Be creative and constant.
27. Sell spots on your Facebook page.  Charge for the sponsorship.
28. Initiate a Facebook group and find something (It has to be really special) to charge a monthly fee.
29. Design a course for your specialty.  Use an inline plug-in to help you.
30. Host a webinar.  Make sure you are offering something special.
31. Offer online services in coaching related to your expertise.
32. Consult.  Do you know something special?
33. Make podcasts.
34. Add images to the blog.
35. Start a newsletter.
36. Test your product or service for a decent audience.
37. The competition is too stiff.  Narrow your specialty.
38. Unfortunately it is important to learn SEO to get potential customers.
39. Create and sell your own services
40. Build a community of bloggers for support.
41. Sign up for affiliate companies.
42. Sell organic ads through Google
43. Decide which ad opportunities to use on the blogs
44. Create more than one blog
45. Hire a professional to help set it up.  Bluehost will do it for you.
46. Test the waters before making the product.
47. Use Fiverr to promote your blog for as little as $5.
48. Focus to get audiences.
49. Become a freelance writer.
50. Watch Craigslist for someone looking for your product or skills.

These are just a few of the things you can do to promote and make money with your blog.  Are you ready to give blogging a try?  I hope so.  Remember, you can do this!  Sometimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves.  Don’t be that person.


I am a stay at home mom that is an author, professional blogger that provides free information and reviews about work at home job leads, companies hiring, an instructor gives advice about starting your own blog, online business, and other ways to earn extra cash from home from your smartphone, etc.


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