One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money from home is by giving your honest opinions online.  Not only can you do this from your computer but you can there are a lot of companies that allow their members access via your smartphone or tablet.  In fact, you can earn way more money than simply taking surveys but you can also earn a couple of hundred dollars a year by participating in other activities as well.

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These other money-making options are in addition to the cash you already earn for sharing your opinion.  Your earnings will also be added to your account which will reflect in your dashboard as you log in.  Being active in these other tasks will make it worth your while so that you will have a bigger check when you are ready to cash out.

Remember to follow all the rules and read over the terms and conditions of each site so that you will be afforded the opportunity to earn more.  Here are a few sites that can help you to earn way more money online.

  1. Legerweb – This is one of the top Canadian survey panels that is always looking for new members in the US and Canada to join their panels and share their opinion.  One of the reasons is due to the fact that their surveys are short and pay at least $1.  Longer surveys pay $2 and up.  You qualify for most of the surveys that you are invited to and you can download their app to complete them on your mobile device.  Members get entered into a monthly drawing for being active members of the survey panel for a chance to win $100, two $1,000 prizes, and 1,000 air miles or an iPad.  You can also complete focus groups for more cash.
  2. Survey Savvy – This survey panel still sends its members a check in the mail even if you have just $1 in your account.  Most surveys start at $1 and go way up from there.  You can earn up to $180 by joining and downloading Savvy Connect on your computer and mobile devices when you surf the web.  You may get invited to complete additional surveys.  They have a two-tiered referral program that helps you earn more when you refer your friends which means that you will get a bonus for the people you refer and they refer as well.  They also have contests and giveaways for you to earn more cash.  You must be 14 to join.  Open worldwide.  Read what others have said about Savvy Connect.
  3. Opinion Outpost – Join the largest market research surveys to get access to surveys without having to wait for an email invitation.  Once you have earned just 50 points, you can request a gift card.  You will need 100 points to redeem it for cash.  They also have quarterly bonuses where 4 members will win $10,000 each.  You can also earn more by referring your friends.
  4. Paid Viewpoint – I love this panel because you take mini-polls that last under a minute for real cash.  You can also earn up to $25 for every person that you refer to join this panel which is amazing in itself.  You can watch this video tutorial below to find out exactly how this referral program works.  I have earned more than $3,000 since I joined PaidViewpoint.  See my payment proof to the right.
  5. Qmee – This is not exactly a market research panel but a rewards site that will pay you to take online surveys from your computer or mobile device by downloading their app.  You can earn more when you download and install their Qmee browser as you search the web.  You get paid every single time you visit a sponsored website as you browse the internet on Google, Amazon, eBay, and more.
  6. Mintvine – Another honorable mention is this company.  I enjoy Mintvine because you earn points that can be redeemed for real cash not just for taking surveys but for answering daily polls, finding local deals, and even if you don’t qualify for a survey.  You will also earn for referring your friends and receive a bonus when they complete their first survey.  Must be 13 to join.
  7. Tellwut – This panel is open to members in the US and Canada and you can also log into your account daily to get access to paid surveys.  They only take 30 seconds to complete.  You can also earn more by creating polls for others to share their opinion on, referring your friends, and more by completing external surveys.  Tellwut is another top-rated survey panel you should join.
This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.


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Read what others have said about Savvy Connect

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  2. Browse the internet as you normally would.
  3. Complete brief surveys within the duration of the project.
  4. Receive your cash.

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