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Trying to make $500 a month from home may not sound too far fetched but can you really do it by taking online surveys?  If you take surveys for extra cash or like the idea of getting paid for your honest answers, please read over this post to find out which sites you can use to earn at least $500 a month taking paid surveys.  There are also some tips that I will share to help you earn the most with online surveys.

10 Tips to Making $500 a month with Paid Surveys

  • Join survey/market research panels that have high paying surveys.
  • Join sites that have daily surveys.
  • If your surveys are rewarded in points that you can redeem for cash, analyze the points earned in relation to the time it will take to complete each survey and compare them against others to be selective so that you will earn the most points for the time that you spend completing surveys.
  • Be consistent with your answers.
  • Complete each survey till the end.
  • Use these sites regularly or daily if possible.
  • Refer your family, friends and others to join.
  • If the survey or market research panel has an app, download it and log in to have access to even more paid surveys.
  • Enable push notifications on your phone and/or download their chrome extension to get access to instant updates, new surveys and promotions.

Now that you know what you will need to do to make it, it is important that you implement these strategies.  If not, you will still have trouble making this amount.  Please be honest when you provide your answers and follow all their terms/rules so that you will not get your account blacklisted or worse…banned.  Here are some sites you can use to earn $500 a month with online surveys.

  1. PrizeRebel – The reason why I listed this site first is because you can not only take daily surveys but earn cash with offer walls, clipping coupons, and referring others.  I would recommend that you go to Your Surveys, Tap Research and click on the reward tab to get access to the higher paying surveys and definitely Innovate because you can earn $5 in 20 minutes or less .  One dollar will cost you just 100 points.  You can request your earnings via direct deposit, PayPal, gift cards and more.  You must be 13 to join.
  2. InstaGC – Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about how you can make $40 a week with InstaGC.  That is a little over $5 a day which is very attainable.  Please read the entire post including 12 reasons why I recommend joining InstaGC for instant gift cards or cash here.
  3. Branded Surveys – If you haven’t tried this company yet, you are missing out on a chance to earn a payout the same day or as little as a week for taking daily polls, completing surveys, finding and taking advantage of local deals and more.  You will even earn if you disqualify for a survey.  They have several rewards including movie and retail vouchers, gift cards, and cash via PayPal.  You must be 13 to join if you live in the US, UK or Canada.
  4. Survey Savvy – Survey Savvy is a true market research survey panel that will pay you up to $20 for select surveys on various topics and products that you consume.  You can also participate in market research simply by surfing the web with SavvyConnect.  Earn up to $180 for enabling digital tracking on your internet connected devices.  New US members will be automatically invited after signing up.  Membership is free.  It is open worldwide but you must be at least 14.  Checks are sent to your home address in the mail.  You can request your earnings after you have just $1 in your account.
  5. SurveysontheGo – This free app has studies, product evaluations and more that pay up to $50 or more.  You can also complete paid surveys that pay around a couple of dollars or more per survey.  They are fast, easy and fun to participate in.  You can redeem your earnings via Amazon gift card, Visa card, PayPal cash or Starbucks gift card.  You will love this app!
  6. Parent Speak – Another favorite survey panel that will pay you cash for every survey you complete.  You will always qualify for each survey and most pay $2 and if you are take less than 3 minutes each.  If you are asked to answer additional questions, you will get paid $2 or $3 more.  You can also participate  in online discussions that you are invited to and these pay around $50.  I have been a member of this panel for at least 3 years now and I absolutely enjoy taking their surveys.  They will send you a check in the mail.
  7. Pinecone Research – If you would like to get free stuff and $3 per survey, join Pinecone Research today.  You will always qualify for every survey you are invited to.  You get to evaluate new products before they hit the shelf.
  8. Paid Viewpoint – Make money taking short mini-polls that only take a minute of your time.  You can also earn more money by referring your friends to join this panel.  You will never be screened out or disqualified for your answers.
  9. Grab Points – Another favorite to earn free cash or gift cards when you give your answers online.  Please use the code Workersonboard for 500 free points when you join.  You can download their app, sign up via your computer and more.  Daily surveys to take here.
  10. My Soap Box – Join this panel to earn cash for completing surveys for your participation.   Earn a BONUS of 2,000 points just for signing up!  They also have a program called Survey Roulette that allows members to access available surveys across a variety of providers.  I would recommend that you access survey roulette on a regular basis to increase your earnings with My Soap Box.  Must be 13 to join this panel.

If you need a list of more sites with daily surveys that pay cash, please read this post from MadCashSurvey.


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