There is a high-paying work from home job looking for people to listen to calls that pays $25 to $30 per hour.  Although this type of job is not new, the position from this company is and the pay is much more.  This job requires minimal experience so almost anyone can and should apply for this opportunity today.

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What is the Job opportunity that pays $25 to $30 per hour to listen to calls?

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The official job title is called a Quality Assurance Specialist.  I found out about this job opportunity this morning as I was researching new work from home job leads to update on this blog.  This new work from home job lead was posted by a legitimate employer called TTEC.

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TTEC hires people to work from home in the United States and globally.  I have written a couple of articles about TTEC and their work from home positions.  They even hire beginners or those with little to no work experience.  They have a fast hiring process with multiple job openings.  You can read about TTEC and some of the benefits of working for them in this article.”

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What are the job duties?

As mentioned at the outset, your main job duty is to listen to calls from your home office.  This will require you to evaluate and analyze customer interactions to improve the experience and satisfaction scores.  You will also be responsible for making sure proper information is being given to customers.  This includes ensuring employees of the company give proper verbal statements, client requests, and policies.

Working as a Quality Specialist for TTEC is an important responsibility because you will help boost performance and build the integrity of the company overall.

Additional job duties consist of you

  • Pinpointing areas of improvement through call monitoring.
  • Preparing reports.
  • Managing ongoing tasks.

What are the job requirements?

TTEC is looking for candidates who have 6 months or more of customer service or call center experience.  You must also understand, interpret, and can manipulate data for reporting.   You need to be flexible to work a variety of shifts during hours of operation.  TTEC operates on a 24/7 basis.

How long will this job last?

This is a temporary role that is expected to last 120 days while TTEC supports natural disaster relief efforts.

Who can apply for this position?

Anyone who wants to work remotely looking for a non-phone job.  I especially recommend this job for those who possess good listening skills and can focus without being distracted.  Potential candidates must reside in the United States and have at least 6 months of customer service or call center experience.  I would also recommend those who desire to work on a temporary basis or are shy, to apply for this role.

Please remember TTEC has work from home jobs for those who live outside the United States.  You can also access over 25 work at home jobs that hire worldwide here.

Are there any perks in addition to the pay?

In the job description, TTEC states that they offer performance bonus opportunities and benefits.  I’m not sure if this particular job from TTEC will provide benefits due to the length of the assignment.

How do I apply for this job?

You can apply for this work from home job here.  If you have any questions about the job, please feel free to contact the company by visiting this page.

Are there similar jobs like this one I can apply to?

There are other companies that hire call listeners or monitors to work from home but only Humanatic is hiring Call Reviewers at the moment.  You can read more about this job here.

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