Working from home may not be the most profitable way to make money online.  Why do I say that?  Because there is more low-paying work at home jobs than the ones that you can live on.  This keeps you at a disadvantage especially if you are struggling to get those bills paid.

Is there anything you can do about it?  You could apply to another work at home job or use your spare time to take some surveys but this still may just put a few extra dollars in your pocket.  One of the best ways to make money daily is from clicks…literally.  You can make an honest living online simply by promoting products from brands and companies to others and receiving a commission when someone clicks on that offer or purchases that product.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

People are doing this everyday online making hundreds of dollars or more daily.  You can do it too and you don’t have to be a celebrity or have thousands of followers to make money daily with clicks.  Here is how I do it.

How I make money daily with clicks?

The very first thing you have to do it apply to companies that have already partnered with several other brands and companies that you can promote.  This simplifies the process to save you time without having to scout out businesses that you would like to work with.  Once you are approved to be a publisher with a particular affiliate company, you will look over their offers and carefully select which ones would best suit your audience.

Here are a few affiliate companies I recommend

Max Bounty – This is the #1 affiliate program online for at least a decade.  They offer weekly payments that you can deposit to your bank account plus you get to see your earnings daily in real-time.

Adbloom – Well known brands and products that you can promote to your audience for great commissions.  There is fast communication with your affiliate manager so if you have any questions, they will respond to you the same day.

ShopherMedia – Great affiliate company for women to make money with clicks from friends and others.

Panthera Network – They have a huge list of companies and businesses that you can promote for monthly commissions.

ShareaSale – You can expect to get approved with this affiliate company.  I also like them because they have free programs, apps, and other items you can promote.

Most of these affiliate companies will give you visuals in the form of banner ads, engaging text links, specials, promotions, and more to help you be as successful as possible.

How much can you make?

Some people make $10 consistently on a daily basis while others make $50, $100, $1,000 or more.  Here are some of the offers available and how much you can earn per sale.

Keto Weight loss – Burn fat quicker without dieting or exercise! Keto Ultra contains a bunch of fat-busting ingredients including Forskolin, Garcinia Cambogia, Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine, and Ginseng!   Pays $70 per lead

Cool HandleUsers can sign up with and let them handle their web hosting needs!  They will have access to their very own unique, money-making, mobile-optimized website!  Hosting your website with CoolHandle goes beyond storage, your domain name, and email service.  Pays $100 per lead.

Snow Teeth WhiteningPurchase SNOW At-Home Teeth Whitening All-Ib-One Kit and receive FREE Shipping.  Each kit comes with up to 75+ treatments worth, less than $2 per whitening treatment.  Results are guaranteed.  Pays $35 per lead.

Advanced PC Cleanup – Download this tool to repair PC errors and computer crashes. FixMyPC performs quick registry cleanup and repairs.   Pays $32 per lead.

You can see a snippet of my MaxBounty earnings below


Make your Internet usage count! Earn $5 in points as a sign up bonus when you register and download the Nielsen app on your iPhone. Then earn $5 in points per month each month you are a member. Click Here

My Panthera Network Earnings (the first set of numbers are the clicks)


Advice for making money with Clicks

As you can see from these two graphs, some offers have a better conversion rate than others.  It may hard to know which offers will work and what won’t.  The best advice that I can give is to try an offer for 3 days or so and if it works, continue to promote them.  Promote more than one at a time and compare your results.  Make adjustments according to those stats and continue to promote new and different offers depending upon the season, sales, etc.

I like to promote and recommend products that I have used in the past, currently use or plan to try in the near future.  Your earnings will improve if you are more connected to or passionate about a particular product.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you sign up with any of these offers.

  • Most affiliate companies are open worldwide.
  • Be specific and honest about how you plan to promote these offers.
  • Link your social media profiles if necessary.
  • Provide your complete mailing address and email so that you can correspond with your affiliate manager and receive your check.
  • Cross-promote online, offline, on FB pages, groups, Pinterest, Instagram, and more.
  • Most importantly, don’t give up!

Why you should give it a try?

Remember you can’t earn any money from clicks if you don’t sign up for these companies.  It is free to join and only takes a few minutes to sign up.  You will know by the end of the week if you are approved and then you can start promoting these products to make Big money from clicks.

If you are already doing this, please leave me your comments or suggestions below.  If you plan to do so or have an idea that wasn’t posted here, please share your thoughts too.


I am a stay at home mom that is an author, professional blogger that provides free information and reviews about work at home job leads, companies hiring, an instructor gives advice about starting your own blog, online business, and other ways to earn extra cash from home from your smartphone, etc.


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