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10 of the Best Work from home Companies

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Finding out there are legitimate work at home jobs is a step in the right direction and good for those who have this goal or desire.  It is even better to actually get a work at home job.  But if you are still in the application stages weighing out your options and wondering which company is the best to apply to, then continue reading this post to find out some of the Best Work at home Companies that you can work for.

Everybody has their own idea of what the word “Best” means to them, but for me especially in relation to working from home, I mean the best as far as

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  • Pay for the amount of work involved.
  • Benefits and unexpected perks are provided by the company.
  • Initial, advanced, and ongoing training.
  • Flexibility in your work schedule.
  • And other factors.

While all companies may not offer their remote workers all of these incentives, the companies that I have included in this list will stand out to be the best in their field and among their competitors.  To find out who is hiring now, please visit the weekly job section and Friday freebie pages of this blog and visit and join our Facebook Group called Workersonboard Community for new work at home job leads posted regularly.

  1. Working Solutions – This company is listed first as one of the best work at home companies to work for because the employers have said time and time again that this was the absolute best work at home job they ever had.  Why?  Applying from start to finish only takes an hour or less to complete.  They hire in several states and pay through direct deposit. They are very flexible meaning you can choose your own hours which a lot of people are looking for.  The training is also paid and ongoing with continued support, they pay on time and it is always correct.   People have commented that the company is friendly and very professional.  I have personally talked with their Human Resources department and they said that all agents can choose their own hours they want to work but will need to commit to them once it has been set.  Working Solutions also offers discounts and you can get $100 for each person that you refer to the company that is successfully hired.  Find out 10 reasons why Working Solutions is one of the best companies to work for here.
  2. VIP Kid – This company is constantly looking for teachers to help young Chinese students learn English and you can do this right from your home computer.  Also, another company that allows you to choose your own hours and the pay is very good up to $22 per hour and they offer bonuses too.  The children that you teach are respectful and polite,  The training process is easy and if you book a course for a student in 24 hours or less you will get an extra $2 on top of your salary.  You can also work from anywhere in the United States.  Others have said that it is easy to teach students in the curriculum on their platform.
  3. Kelly Services – Working from home for Kelly Services is one way to get in through the back door to working for Apple if they don’t have any openings or only hire college students.  If you are low on funds and need computer equipment, this is one company that will provide you with everything you need after you have been offered a position.  You get paid every week and many feel like this company has a family environment to support and assist their remote workers.  They offer cash bonuses for sticking with the company for $500 plus an increase in pay with a starting wage of $13 to $15 per hour.  You can read more about Kelly Services here.
  4.  Alorica at Home – Just like with Working Solution, Alorica’s application process takes under an hour to complete.  In fact, their official website states that it will take 45 minutes of your time or less.  This company has a setting that allows you to train with an instructor with your peers so that you can establish and develop relationships as you work.  Each project that you work on is self-paced which allows you to eliminate the frustrations and anxieties of keeping with a certain across-the-board standard.  They have a flexible schedule that allows you to work in half-hour increments around the needs of your family and other obligations you may have.  This is very desirable for those who have spouses and/or school-aged children at home.  They also offer the option for you to receive medical and dental benefits.  The pay is either per minute, per call, or hourly rate.  Payments are made every two weeks either by direct deposit or Pay card.
  5.  Amazon – Most people have heard of this well-known conglomerate and have even ordered items from their website.  Amazon doesn’t hire all the time so when they do you will want to hop on that opportunity because they have excellent training to help you pass their tests plus you will get a bonus for setting up your computer.  They do offer perks in the form of a computer but you will need an internet connection in your home.  They also have employee discounts, an assistance program, and healthcare coverage.  Pays at a flat rate of $15 per hour.  They also hire in the US and elsewhere.  Read my full review about Amazon here.
  6. TTEC – TTEC has been recommended by others on our Facebook Group Workersonboard Community as one the of best work-at-home employers to work for because they are friendly and helpful trainers and thoughtful about their employees.  They are one of the top 100 companies to work for because their company ensures that their trainers will support and mentor you in your job every step of the way.  You can swap schedules with others if you need to do this plus they hire military spouses, veterans, active duty guards, or reserves.  They also offer employee rewards, discounts, and career advancement opportunities.
  7. Millennial Services – This company has been known to promote from within which is ideal for those who would love the opportunity to excel as well as offering you the flexibility to support your own lifestyle and schedule which is ideal for moms, college students, and others with other demands on their time.  Many people say as well as with Kelly Services that it feels like a family environment.  They are currently hiring at the time of this post.
  8. NexRep – Another recommendation from our Facebook Group that will not just hire you but keep you working on ongoing projects.  Other employees said they are very flexible and can make up to $20 per hour working on certain campaigns.  One thing I like about this company is the fact, that they have video tutorials about what an agent does so you will know what to expect, how to prepare for your assessment, and many other guides to help you in the application and hiring process.
  9. Appen – I decided to include Appen on this list because they have global work at home opportunities for remote workers and they do not require a lot of experience which are all non-phone jobs.  If you are looking for a job with no physical boss, you will want to apply to Appen.  Most of the jobs are part-time but you can work on other projects when they become available.  The work is easy and the pay is consistent and if you want, you can just work 1 hour a day!  Read my full review about Appen here.
  10. ACD Direct – I opted to include ACD Direct because you can earn decent money working from home part-time during peak seasons taking donations from people calling in to support non-profit organizations.  Most of the calls are pleasant and the people are friendly because people are calling in to help fund a certain cause.  You are not required to sell anything or do any upselling.  You can set your own hours and get bonuses and incentives.  You can work just 10 hours a week.  For the most part, the people you speak with are in a good disposition which is a hassle-free job where you will not have to deal with unsatisfied or irate customers.  Read more about ACD Direct here.
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Do you have a work-at-home company that you think should be on this list?  If so, please leave your comments below and they may get added.


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