Blogging seems to be everyone’s passion.  Every time you go online…you find a blog.  Whether it’s on social media, google or maybe an app.  A lot of people want to start a blog but don’t know if they should put time into it because of the uncertainty as to whether they can really make money from their blog.  But did you know that you can actually make $1,000 a month or more from a blog?

Before I started my blog, I pondered these same feelings but I decided to look more closely into how to build a blog, what it takes to be a blogger and how much you can earn with your own blog or website.  I weighed out the pros and cons, planned out my goals and went for it.  I have never looked back since.  Now I am encouraging you to do the same but before you jump right in, let me explain how you can make money with a blog.

How to Get Started?

You cannot make money with a blog if you don’t have one, so the first step is to obtain a blog with hosting.  I have narrowed down a few companies that I recommend for you to purchase a blog from below:

  • Bluehost – Comes with everything you need including a domain name, 24/7 support, free SSL or security for your blog, a free domain for the first year and 1 click WordPress install for under $4 a month!  Use Ebates and get $10 cash back on your hosting plan.
  • Weebly – Get a blog for free or at a low cost to have a professional blog with it’s easy to use drop and drag features.
  • Blogger – It is owned by Google and allows you to get a free blog that you can customize and set up very easily.  If you want a custom domain name, you will need to purchase it there.
  • WP Engine – If you are looking for managed WordPress hosting, you can find this and more with WP Engine.  They are a little bit more pricey but have all the basics and more to start a small website or blog as well as for your growing business.  Click here to get 3 months free when you sign up for WP Engine.

Recommended Resources for Blogging

To get the most out of your blog, please take my online course, “How to Start a Blog with Blogger or WordPress” and book entitled, “How to Make Money Everyday Blogging for Full Time Income” for additional tips and advice.

How to Start a Blog and Work from home

10 Reasons to Start a Blog in 2019

How to Get Paid Daily from a Blog

Make your Internet usage count! Earn $5 in points as a sign up bonus when you register and download the Nielsen app on your iPhone. Then earn $5 in points per month each month you are a member. Click Here

Start a Blog in 6 Easy Steps to Make Thousands of Dollars a Month

6 Quick Ways to Make Money Blogging

  1. After you have built your blog and created some content you can now incorporate ads to include on your website.  The first way to make money blogging is to sell ads.  If you have enough traffic on your website, advertisers will come to your blog and offer you a price on what they want to advertise.  You can also contact advertisers that are in your niche to see if you can establish and negotiate a partnership.  You can set your own ad rates based on where the ad is placed, the size of it and how many people you think will see it.  You can place ads on your blog in the form of banners, buttons, links, etc.
  2. You can also make money doing sponsored posts.  Many bloggers and influencers do this on their blogs, social media and elsewhere on the internet.  Some advertisers and brands will pay you a flat fee to write a post and publish it on your blog or they may write it themselves and send it over to you.  Other companies may decide to pay you a monthly fee to keep their ads displayed permanently on your blog.  I have done this several times on my blog over the years.
  3. Another way you can make money blogging is to sell digital products.  You can sell those that you have created or products from others.  It would probably be in your best interest to include products that your audience would find helpful, useful or relates to your blog topics to get a better conversion rate and earn the most with this method.
  4. Online courses, workshops, images, video or people that make music, Apps, plugins, or themes, Ebooks or paperback books would fit into this category as digital products.  Why is selling digital products so effective?  Because people want their website, business or brand to be talked about.  If your blog has content that people talk about then companies and others will want you to sell their product(s).  You can cross promote and make even more money sharing links to products on your social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  5. Google Adsense is one of the most used and practical ways that bloggers make money with a blog.  You will need to sign up for an account, which is free for anyone to use.  Once you have been approved, you will copy and paste the codes that contains ads to include on your blog.  If you generate 100,000 views you can expect to make way more than $100 a day just from Google Adsense alone.  This combined with affiliate programs, social media sites and digital products can help you make over $1,000 an up if you are consistent.
  6. Some people acquire blogs and make money flipping them for profit.  If you have ever watched or like shows like Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper or Good Bones then you know how they are able to turn a run-down house into a beautiful home and make thousands of dollars in return.  You can do the same with your blog by picking a niche, getting hosting, adding content and driving traffic to your blog and then sell it after just a few months or a year or so.  You can literally make hundreds to thousands of dollars flipping blogs that you have created in a short period of time.

Which one of these methods appeal to you the most?  Why not give a few of them a try?  These methods have been proven to work even if you spend just a few short hours a week on your blog.  But remember that you cannot make money blogging without one, so get your hosting plan from Bluehost today.


I am a stay at home mom that is an author, professional blogger that provides free information and reviews about work at home job leads, companies hiring, an instructor gives advice about starting your own blog, online business, and other ways to earn extra cash from home from your smartphone, etc.


Christi · at

I have been thinking and dreaming of creating a blog for years. There has been one thing stopping me! I don’t feel confident in my writing, I’m afraid of being judged for improper grammar or use of punctuation….any suggestions?

    aw1219 · at

    I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way when I first started. What helped me is to read my posts out loud to myself to see if it sounded okay and then proofread my content. Although it is intimidating at first, the more you do it the better you will become. Now there are sites dedicated to help you check your content for these same issues. I recommend you give Grammarly a try here plus it is free to use on Google Chrome. I know you can do it and please let me know when you get your blog set up. I’ll be waiting.

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