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Free jobs for those who receive SSI or SSDIIf you are one of the many people with disabilities whose livelihood has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, you may have skills and abilities that could transfer to other kinds of jobs and industries, even if you cannot leave the house.

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Work at home jobs are plentiful right now because of the pandemic, especially in customer service, technical support, medical, and IT.  For over two decades, I have been helping people with disabilities on SSID or SSI find legitimate Work at home positions through my company, My Employment Options.  I have learned there are basic technical minimum requirements across customer service and technical support positions that are helpful for job seekers to be aware of.

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Typical Minimum Work at Home Requirements for Customer Service and Tech Support Jobs:  (may vary by employer and position)

  1. Set Schedule — Consistent Work hours including weekends & full-time training
  2. PC Computer (no Macs) with a minimum 2 GHz processor and 4 GB RAM
  3. 40 GB free space
  4. Computer Navigation – Move between multiple windows and programs
  5. Typing:  35 words per minute (minimum)
  6. High-Speed Internet Access – Must be Ethernet.  No Wireless or Satellite
  7. Home Office – Quiet and free of distractions

The variety of industries offering remote work since the COVID pandemic started is astounding.  In addition to customer service in telephone, cable, computer/high Tech, and Video Gaming industries, there are jobs now in Disaster Assistance, Accounting, Federal Government, Telehealth, and other professional positions.  We continue to see more and more types of jobs added this year!

Clarifying how these jobs translate into positions, Ms. Vieillet said, “When it comes to Customer Service Inbound, this could be tech support, reservations, helping set up gaming systems, explaining benefits, solving billing issues, helping with account issues, or taking orders.  When it comes to Customer Service Outbound, it might be setting appointments, virtual assistance, returning calls to answer questions, or managing people, projects, or cases.”

“Since these jobs are already in the home,” Ms. Vieillet noted, “these positions can be especially accessible to people with disabilities.  For those Social Security Beneficiaries ages 18-64, who are currently receiving SSDI or SSI benefits, there is a voluntary free federal program called Ticket to Work that provides free job placement assistance for those trying to return to the workforce again!”

My company, My Employment Options, specializes in Work at Home jobs in this free program for those on SSDI or SSI.  Many of our staff also have a disability and have used this great program!

Our specialty has been Work at Home employment since the Ticket to Work Program began in 2002 and we have many partnerships with leading national remote and community employers who love to hire our loyal and diverse clients in the 47 states we serve!

Ticket to Work was specifically created to help those on SSDI or SSI benefits to have free help in trying to return to work with benefits protections and safety nets.  Beneficiaries do not have to worry about risking their cash or medical benefits while trying to achieve substantial gainful employment.  Ticket to Work offers free job placement via Employment Network agencies, like My Employment Options, to help job seekers every step of the way in their employment journey!  They do not have to go it alone!

Beneficiaries who qualify for the program can expect authorized Employment Networks to create an Individual Work Plan for each client and provide skills and abilities assessment, career guidance, job placement services, and help to talk with employers about accommodations.  They also assist with career advancement, providing moral support; all for free as part of this great federal program!

Every SSA-authorized Employment Network has its own unique process and resources for providing its free Ticket to Work Services.  My Employment Options keeps it simple by providing an easy online application to confirm program eligibility for those on SSDI or SSI.  Since not everyone qualifies for Ticket to Work, My Employment Options does share free career resources and referrals to help as many people with disabilities find the resources they need.  Work at Home jobs via the Ticket to Work Program continues to change lives every day!


Paula Vieillet is the CEO and Founder of My Employment Options.  She is a nationally recognized author, speaker, and presenter.  For over 2 decades, My Employment Options has been helping SSDI and SSI beneficiaries across 47 States find suitable employment through the federal Ticket to Work Program.  This program, which is free and voluntary, provides key benefit protection and incentives for beneficiaries trying to return to work.  Free client services include personal job counselors who offer one-to-one job counseling and a staff Certified Benefits Counselor (CWIC) to help with work-related SSA benefits questions.

Please click here to visit their official website and apply online if you are interested in working from home and currently receive SSI or SSDI.


I am a stay at home mom that is an author, professional blogger that provides free information and reviews about work at home job leads, companies hiring, an instructor gives advice about starting your own blog, online business, and other ways to earn extra cash from home from your smartphone, etc.


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