Get paid every Friday Typing from HomeWould you like to work from home typing and get paid every single week?  If so, there’s a company that is looking to fill these positions right now so they can keep pace with their customer orders.  You can even apply today regardless if you are a super-fast typist or not.

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The name of the company hiring typists is called Go Transcript.  Some remote workers have secured employment with them for 3 years or more.  You can begin working for them too but before you do, please make sure you read this entire post to find out what requirements you will need and some of the perks Go Transcript provides.

Reasons to apply to Go Transcript

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What kind of files will I be typing?

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Go Transcript has plenty of jobs and new orders from clients every single day that need to be transcribed or typed into text from various audio content.  That content may come in the form of police investigations, book research, and more.

Jobs are available almost 24 hours a day, so you can literally choose which files you would like to transcribe at your own pace.

How fast do I need to type?

Go Transcript does not have a typing speed requirement set to work on their files.  They give you enough time to complete them which is ideal for slow typists.  As you continue to work on these projects your typing speed and accuracy will increase to help you earn more money.

What are the requirements?

Go Transcript only has 3 basic requirements for all applicants.  You must have good English skills and a computer with internet access.

Is there a typing test?

Yes, there is.  But they do have guidelines that contain detailed instructions on how you would type in slang words, speech errors, filler words, repetitions, speech that is inaudible as well as punctuations that should or shouldn’t be included.  You will also find shortcuts you can utilize on your keyboard in their transcription guidelines, to save you time and increase your score so you can pass the test on the first try.  Please read over the guidelines entirely and take your time before you take the practice test.

If you don’t pass the test the first time, don’t worry because you can re-take it in a few days.

How much will I earn?

Go Transcript honestly states that you will make up to $0.60 per audio or video minute.  On average, you can earn $150 a month.  Top typists are able to earn 8x this amount or $1,215.

There is a way for you to earn more money with Go Transcript.  How?  Continue to log in and work on their files accurately and then you can apply to be an editor.  An editor has the responsibility of reviewing and correcting files their typists transcribed into text to fix any mistakes before it is sent to the client(s).

How will I be paid?

Go Transcript sends out payments every single Friday either through your PayPal or Payoneer account.  From there, you can deposit the funds directly into your bank account or request a check.  I believe only PayPal offers this check option.  Both services are free to join and use.

When can I start working? 

You can start working immediately transcribing files as soon as you have passed the transcription test.  You will then receive an email from Go Transcript that contains all your instructions for you to get started.

How do I Apply?

Please apply directly to this position from Go Transcript here.

Why do I recommend this job?

I think this opportunity is great for beginners, people who live outside the US, and those who want to work part-time setting their own schedule from home.  This company pays on time and provides you with all the information that you need to apply and what they expect from their typists.  Go Transcript also has a steady stream of work so you can always find projects and tasks for you to work on.  It is also one of the few companies that allows room for growth and pays you every Friday!

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