Make $300 a week doing laundryAre you looking for a work-at-home job that doesn’t require any skills or experience and will allow you to work on your own terms?  There is an easy way for you to accomplish this goal.  How?  By doing laundry right from the comfort of home.  This is a perfect way for you and others to earn extra income online legitimately without ever having to leave your home.
Who will pay me to do laundry at home?
There is a company called Loopie Laundry which is a peer-to-peer laundry service that was founded in 2018 in Seattle by John Vincent-Lee.  Loopie aims to provide people with an affordable alternative to doing laundry by connecting them with individuals interested in earning money from the comfort of their homes.
Loopie’s network of amazing washers has blown us away time and time again by providing customers with stunning and consistent quality work and, as a result, we are proud to have hundreds of recurring customers who have incorporated Loopie into their lifestyle.  Loopie now has operations in Seattle, Portland, and Denver.
Loopie offers a 24-hour turnaround with a same-day option available for orders placed in the morning and charges flat rates per duffel bag.  Our new mobile app makes it easy for customers to order and we are excited to be beta testing our Washer App this month!
Due to this demand, Loopie Laundry is currently hiring reliable, self-driven individuals who are interested in earning money by washing, drying, and folding laundry, all without leaving your home.
How does this work?
Loopie Laundry has drivers that will pick up and deliver the laundry right to your doorstep so all you have to focus on is laundry.  This means that you are not required to have access to a vehicle or spend any money to buy gas.  Neither will you have to leave your home.
How many orders will I have to take?
You get to choose how much laundry you want to clean and how much you want to work by only accepting orders when you want.  There are no weekly minimums or requirements for at-home laundry washers.
FAQs for Loopie Washers
  • You must wash all dirty laundry in a working washing machine located in your residence.
  • You must dry all washed laundry in a working drying machine located in your residence.
  • Check the pockets of clothing for all loose items.
  • All laundry orders are washed in a warm setting.
  • Make sure all items are fully dried.
How much will I earn?
Loopie pays washers a flat rate per duffel bag processed.  This averages out to be $15 per bag upon completing the order.  Same-day orders are paid at a rate of $20 per bag.  All Loopie washers are paid at the end of the week via PayPal for all orders completed.
Depending on how many bags you wash, you can earn anywhere from $50 to $300 a week!
Do I have to supply any materials?
Loopie will provide all the training and materials needed and offer resources to help you become successful with Loopie.  This includes dryer sheets, detergent packs, duffel bags, etc.  You only need a washer and dryer in your home.
How do I get started?
You can do so by joining the vibrant and caring community of Loopie Washers today and seeing for yourself everything that Loopie has to offer!  Please feel free to email us at and include the times you are available for an interview/orientation (~30 minutes) to get started!  If you provide your residential zip code and preferred video call platform, it will help us get you started as quickly as possible.  You can also visit their official website and apply directly online here in less than 2 minutes to be a Certified Loopie Washer.


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