Get paid $18 per hour to watch videosA lot of people enjoy watching videos in their spare time.  In fact, some people watch all kinds of video content every single day.  Did you know that you could get paid $18 per hour to watch videos with a sign-on bonus?  There is a company hiring people to do exactly this.  Please continue reading to find out all the details.

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Who is hiring people to watch videos all day?

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There is a company called Teleperformance that is hiring Social Media Content Moderators to watch videos.  This company regularly has work from home positions but this one is unique because it is strictly non-phone with minimal requirements.  Teleperformance not only hires people in the US to work from home but in Canada, Mexico, Portugal, and other locations.

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You can currently find and apply to work from home jobs from Teleperformance in the following categories.

  • Claims Processor
  • Tech Support
  • Customer Service
  • Automotive Sales & Service
  • Healthcare Customer Service
  • Bilingual Customer Service
  • Insurance Customer Service
  • Transportation Customer Service
  • and Fashion Virtual Support
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Will there be any other job responsibilities?

Yes.  Teleperformance requires their Social Media Content Moderators to review content to ensure it meets the community guidelines.  If not, your job is to escalate any content that violates the parameters set.  This may include reviewing images, videos, and written content.

Outside of watching videos, you will be required to review, classify, and eliminate highly sensitive content.  You may also have to moderate traumatic, sensitive, and potentially offensive content.  As you can see, this is a very important job for Social Media Content Moderators to keep their client’s platform user-friendly and safe.  It is important that you comply with all the orders, instructions, and procedures to carry out your job duties satisfactorily.

What are the qualifications?

Anyone can apply as long as you have experience navigating the web.  This includes using and visiting social media platforms as well as commercial websites.  You also need strong spelling and grammar skills, can type 25 wpm, and pay attention to detail with good attendance.  Please keep in mind that only those who are at least 18 and live near Boise, Idaho are accepted.

Are there any perks that come with this position?

Yes.  Teleperformance not only pays their Social Media Content Moderators $18 per hour but you will get a sign-on bonus, full benefits, paid time off, a flexible schedule, wellness and engagement programs, and free equipment provided by the company.

You can watch my latest video below which will provide you with more details about this unique work at home job from Teleperformance.

If you don’t meet the requirements or qualifications above, please do not be discouraged.  Remember this company has many more work from home job openings available that you can apply to now.  You can also find and apply to new work from home jobs by visiting the following pages.

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Workersonboard Community FB Group

Are there any other companies that will pay me to watch videos online?

Disney, from time to time will hire Content Insertion Assistants to work from home to moderate content from Disney+, Hulu, and MLB to insert commercials and ensure the quality is acceptable to viewers.  This job is currently filled but will be posted on this blog when they have new openings.

Another company to try is Telus International.  They hire Media Search Analysts to work from home in the US and other countries to make music and video judgments and evaluate App Store content search results.  You will be required to work up to 20 hours a week.

You can also try TaskUs.  They hire Content Moderator Social Media Support agents to work 40 hours a week reviewing content in the form of videos, news stories, still pictures, ads, and user profiles.  Applicants must live in TX to apply to this position.  The pay is not disclosed in the job description.

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