14 Easy Work from Home jobs for AssessorsWould you like to work from home as an assessor?  If not, you may want to consider it because it basically involves evaluating the quality of a person or thing.   Although this may not have been the first job that comes to mind, it is a great opportunity for those who prefer a non-phone job, do not possess a lot of skills or experience, or enjoy analyzing things.

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Many jobs for assessors require you to have degrees, extensive skills, or even a clinical background but that is not the case for all assessor jobs.  I did some research to find real companies seeking to fill positions for remote assessors who can start as soon as possible.  These assessor jobs are open to almost anyone and are easy to complete.  Some assessor jobs give you the option to choose your own schedule so you can work whenever you want.

Here are a few companies that are currently hiring below.

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Product Reviewers

Android Police is now hiring tech enthusiasts to write product reviews for Android devices.  This will help readers make informed purchasing decisions as to which products they should buy.  You will share your honest opinions about the product’s design, hardware, software, and performance.  Qualified candidates must possess expert knowledge of various Android products, have a good quality digital camera or can borrow one, and have relevant writing and editing experience in the English language.

Freelance Content Reviewer

Policygenius is now seeking individuals to assess and fact-check insurance content to help ensure they provide the most accurate and evidence-based advice.  This job will require you to have professional experience or certifications in life insurance, home insurance, finance, financial planning, or other professions.  You must be able to meet deadlines, can review 5 to 20 pages per month, and be accurate.  You will be paid $75 per page that contains at least 1,000 words.  Pages take 20 to 30 minutes to review.

New Home Quality Reviewer

2M Quality is now looking to hire reviewers to look at newly built homes to identify defects in workmanship, quality, completeness, consistency, and professionalism.  This job will require you to drive to construction sites the day the review is scheduled.  You will enter results using your tablet on the job site.  Ideal candidates must be detail-oriented, reliable, can work unsupervised, can connect to Wi-Fi, and have experience with mobile devices.  Reviewers will earn $75 to $85 per inspection plus a $10 per house raise after the introductory period.  Each review will take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete.

Digital Image Reviewer

Webstaurant Store is now hiring reviewers to review uploads of photos, match descriptions on the product page, ensure the quality matches similar products of product categories and product lines, and other duties.  There is no experience required but you must be a critical thinker, who can manage multiple responsibilities with good verbal skills.  The company will supply reviewers/assessors with all the essential computer equipment and training to complete your job duties.  You will need a physical address to receive your equipment.

Media Search Analyst

Telus International is seeking remote workers to assess App Store content search results to determine the intent and accuracy of queries regarding music/video content.  You must be familiar with current apps, music, and video trends, and have excellent communication skills.  This company is also looking for people who are very interested in research as well as music and video.  This is a flexible part-time work from home position.

Web Search Reviewers

Clickworker has several work from home jobs for people to assess the web evaluating various search terms for different products.  You will input the results online.  These jobs pay per task and allow you to work at your own pace.  Clickworker pays their remote workers on a weekly basis and is open to candidates worldwide.

Field Agent

Field Agent is a free app that allows people to gather information for brands and retailers with photos, share their opinions, order takeout, collect UPC codes about products, and other tasks.  After you submit the information about your experience you get paid in cash!  It is available worldwide.  Payments are deposited directly to your bank account.


OneForma has opportunities for remote workers to work on judging/grading tasks.  This may involve assessing ads online, searching the web to find the URL of a business, evaluating queries made by internet users while navigating through different apps, and many other tasks.  You can work from anywhere in the world speaking English or another language on a self-directed basis.


Welocalize is hiring raters or basically assessors with excellent research skills to provide subjective and objective ratings based on their guidelines to improve the online search engine experience.  This is a long-term work from home position that will require you to commit to working 10 to 25 hours a week working your own schedule.  Candidates must be web savvy with a reliable computer and a strong understanding of popular culture.  Training will be provided.

Search Engine Evaluator

Teemwork.ai is recruiting individuals to rate search results to corresponding landing pages or ads in line with the company guidelines.  These tasks require a high focus and take 10 seconds to a minute to complete.  You will need strong computer skills with good problem-solving and communication skills.  This is a part-time work from home job working 10 to 25 hours a week paying a standard base salary with a bonus rate.  This position is also long-term.

Call Reviewers

Humanatic is seeking individuals to review recorded calls from your home office.  This will involve you listening to each call in different categories.  You will then sort the call based on how it was answered.  You can work your own schedule.  This job pays per call reviewed.  The more calls you assess and review the more you will earn.  Bonuses are also offered.  Work can be completed from your smartphone or computer.

Online Reviewers

Slicethepie is the largest paid review site on the web.  This company hires teens and others to review music from new artists, fashion images, homeware, mobile devices, and even commercials or TV programs.  You can work as much or as little as you want.  Pays twice a week via PayPal.

Test Assessor

Altus is seeking individuals to work from home to help assess applicants for non-academic attributes or people skills by reading responses and comparing them to the applicant pool.  You will assign scores to the applicant.  They are looking for candidates who are comfortable with technology, empathetic, and detail-oriented.  Raters will earn $20 to $30 per hour when test responses are available to rate.

Assessment Content Reviewers

Altus also has openings for candidates in Australia to review items for their tests.  You will assess them for cultural relevance and appropriateness.  You must be empathetic and can work a flexible schedule.  This company hires for this position on an as-needed basis paying $125 to $250 AUD.


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