Sites that paid me over $1,000 EachAre there any real ways to make at least $1,000 from home?  Yes, it is possible and I am going to provide you with the names of companies that I have been able to make around $1,000 or more without leaving my home.  You can join these sites to do the same.

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Please keep in mind that it may not happen overnight but you can work your way towards earning close to $1,000 or more in your spare time using your smartphone, tablet, and/or computer.

Not every site that I earned at least $1,000 from is on this list, just the ones that I thought would be most helpful to you.

Here are a few sites that have worked for me.

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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Amazon Direct Publishing 

Get paid cash instantly to take short polls

This is a free and profitable resource for content users to upload and sell their eBooks directly through Amazon to a global audience.  You will earn up to 70% royalties every month from the sales of your book(s).  I have earned more than $10,500 in book sales to date.  It is so super easy to get started.

Online Course

I currently use Thinkific to upload and sell my online courses to the public to help people learn how to start their own blog or website and real tips and advice on how you can get a work-at-home job.  Creating online courses can be fun and very rewarding if you have the time to devote yourself to outlining and creating an interactive course that will be engaging and informative.  There are many topics of interest that you can use to create and sell your own course.  Great passive income earner.


Your journey into blogging may be the most time-consuming but the most fulfilling as well.  You can expand your reach with a blog unlike anything else to connect with people who are interested in your content and even share it with their family and friends.  Blogging is not something that you can abandon because you will need to consistently write content for your blog readers and keep them up-to-date with the latest updates.

Very popular and successful bloggers can earn $1,000 or more in a week or just one day!  This blogger shares her income reports and made over $48,000 a month back in 2016 but she started off making around $800 a month.  You can see her previous stats here.  That’s a great incentive to start your own blog.  You can do so with Bluehost here.


One of the largest free rewards sites on the internet that I have used for the past 4 years to earn money daily.  PrizeRebel has helped millions of people earn free cash or gift cards to take surveys, watch videos, complete offers, and more.  Some members are worker bees and have been able to take home $500 a month from PrizeRebel.

Read this guide to learn more.


You can work on quick short tasks from your smartphone or computer taking and uploading photos, searching the web for data, translating, transcription, and many other areas.  The jobs can be completed in just a few minutes and worked on whenever you want from anywhere in the world.  The exception to this rule is the UHRS tasks.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollar is becoming one of my favorite sites because they have modified their website to make it easier to earn and cash out.  Now it only takes a couple of days to get your rewards unless you request a check which could take a week to process.  I like to search with Inbox to earn cash as well as play strategy games.  I have earned more than $1,050 from Inbox Dollars.  By the way, Prodege now owns Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks which is probably why there are many more ways you can earn on the website now.


I still use Ibotta to redeem offers and get cash back for my purchases when I shop.  I still like Ibotta because you get paid instantly plus you get a $10 bonus when you join and you can earn more by being on a team with active members.  Lifetime earnings so far are over $2,700.

Fetch Rewards

I regularly use Fetch to get free gift cards when I shop at stores like TJ Maxx, Walmart, Kohl’s, Target, and some of my favorites.  It is even better than it was before because you can now earn for any receipt you upload with no limits.  You will never have to enter any promo codes or clip coupons with this free app.  I have earned more than $1,200 so far.

When you join Fetch, please enter this code G4HBH to get $2 upfront when you join!

Paid Viewpoint

I will continue to be a loyal member of sites like Paid Viewpoint because they always pay me on time unless it is a holiday and is an easy way to earn to pass the time.  The polls are quick and immediately credited to my account.  Even if you don’t like taking surveys, you will like Paid Viewpoint.

Close to $9,000 with Paid Viewpoint


InstaGC has made getting gift cards instantly…possible.  If you are a compulsive shopper or need to buy something right away, you can do so with this site.  You earn points to complete various tasks like downloading free apps, streaming video content continuously while you’re online, taking surveys from their participating providers, and so much more.  Great for teens who are at least 13 too.  Open worldwide. Earned over $4,000 Since August 2016.


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