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Get paid to Read - 15 Different WaysDid you know that you can actually get paid to read online?  Most people are not aware of this fact and are missing out on a cool money-making opportunity.  There are real companies that will pay you to read books, emails, content, and more right from your home office.  You can even get started today.

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If you enjoy reading, please give it a try.  All of these gigs can be done in your spare time.  If you like the idea of getting paid to do things that are pretty much second nature, you may want to try the following too.

Here are just a few companies I recommend below.

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  1. Appen – This company has some freelance tasks that will pay you money to read very short sentences or phrases from your smartphone.  These jobs can pay upwards of $100.  All you need is a smartphone, your voice, and to download their app.  You will need to sign up on their platform first before you can apply for these jobs.
  2. Clickworker – Clickworker is open worldwide with gigs/tasks you can do from your smartphone or computer using your voice or listening to other people’s voices where you will rate it according to naturalness.  These jobs are super easy and fun to complete.  Your earnings will be credited to your account in cash immediately after you complete them.  Payments are sent out by Friday via PayPal.
  3. OneForma – This company is looking for people to complete all kinds of tasks where you will use your voice to record short prompts or listen to audio for cash.
  4. Amazon Mturk – You can find some really cool reading jobs on Mturk.  I earned more than $30 just to read emails online.  I demonstrated this in a YouTube video that you can watch below.
  5. Upwork – You can search their website for voice-over and reading jobs posted by people seeking freelancers to complete these projects from home.  Some of the gigs are ongoing and others are on an as-needed basis.
  6. Kirkus Media – This company is seeking people to review books who are experienced in English and Spanish language titles.  Reviews should be at least 350 words and are due two weeks after the book has been assigned.
  7. Online Book Club – You can get paid to read and review free books with this site.  Your reviews must be honest.  You will earn up to $60 per review.
  8. ACX – Make money reading audiobooks from your home office or studio to get paid royalties plus cash every time an audiobook is produced and Bounty payments.
  9. PublishOx – You can join this platform to earn money reading and/or publishing content for Cryptocurrency.
  10. Buzz Break – Download this free app and get paid to read breaking news and popular content on the internet.  Use the code B16984187 to get a bonus.
  11. Dabbl – This free app will help you earn free gift cards to read ads and other content within the app.  There are daily activities for you to complete with Dabbl.  It is a cool way to earn during your downtime.
  12. Podcast – You could actually start your own podcast and read scripted content to share with your audience.  But in my opinion, it is much better if you sound natural on your podcast.  You can do this by incorporating your own personality and interjecting some opinions but you can definitely make money reading content on your podcast.
  13. Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a site with many various ways for you to earn cash including reading your emails.
  14. Inbox Dollars – Another website that has multifaceted ways to earn cash including getting paid to read emails from the company.  You will also earn to scan your receipts, print coupons, watch videos, search their browser instead of Google’s, and so much more.
  15. Target Reader Analytics – Get paid to read book manuscripts and share your honest thoughts and suggestions.  You will get a free Amazon gift card for every completed manuscript review.


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