Top sites that pay you to use the InternetDid you know that you can get paid just to use the Internet?  There are real companies paying cash, gift cards, rewards, and other perks while you are online with your computer or mobile device.  It is so simple to get started and only requires minimal time and effort.

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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

If you regularly browse the web to read your emails, connect with others on social media, search for work-at-home jobs, or something else, you can get paid.  I use some of these sites myself and so can you.  Don’t let this easy money-making opportunity pass you by.

What will you need to get started?

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Before you sign up, make sure you have access to the following essential items.

  •  Internet connection
  • A smartphone, tablet, computer, or all three.
  • A valid email address.
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Tips to Earn More Money

If you decide to join a money-making site below, make sure you follow their instructions.  If you are asked to install software on your device, continue to do so.  This will help you earn more money and loyalty bonuses.  Completing other activities will help you to increase your earnings.

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  1. Permission Research – This company is seeking desktop users who would like to shape the digital world and influence internet content.  You will start earning as soon as you install their software.  Keep it installed to get for 7 days to get a $10 Visa gift card from Permission Research.  All members will get a chance to win $100,000 each month.  You will also be entered to win their instant game sweepstakes to win an additional $25, $2,500, $5,000, or $100,000!
  2. Savvy Connect – Savvy Connect just like Permission Research will pay you to search the web.  You will earn $5 cash for every device in install Savvy Connect on (up to 3 devices maximum).  It takes less than 2 minutes to get started.  I just cashed out over $100 from Savvy Connect this month!
  3. Mobile Xpression – This company needs people to help improve the internet.  When you join, you will get a $5 e-gift card in as little as one week to install their software on your mobile device.  The longer you keep it installed the more you will earn.
  4. Nielsen – Nielsen is looking for people to join their panel and install their app.  This app unlocks $50 in rewards redeemable via Paypal or gift cards.  As a member, you will also be entered into their $10,000 monthly sweepstakes!  You also earn game tokens to instantly win rewards on their scratch-off games!
  5. Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie is also looking for people to share their online activity.  You will get guaranteed payments each month.  Payments are made in cash, bank transfer, or with free gift cards.  It is optional but you will earn more money when you take surveys.
  6. Media Rewards – Media Rewards is a company that will reward you to listen to the radio and watch TV.  Using this site is one of the easiest ways to win cash rewards of up to $1,000 a month.
  7. Swagbucks – Swagbucks offers new members a $10 welcome bonus when they join.  You will also earn real cash or free gift cards when you stream video content on the go, search the web, scan receipts, and more.
  8. Dabbl – Dabbl is an app that will pay to check out videos from cool brands, discover new products, and complete simple tasks.  You will earn free e-gift cards for your downtime.  Start earning in minutes.
  9. Rakuten – Rakuten will give you cashback to shop online or in-store.  They have over 3,500 stores to choose from.  It is completely free and they send your cash to you with a check. They are completely legit.  New members get $30 to spend $30 when they join Rakuten.
  10. Inbox Dollars – I love Inbox Dollars because you will get $5 when you join upfront.  You will also earn to play cool games, scan receipts, browse the web using their search engine, print coupons, read emails, and so much more.  Inbox Dollars pay in cash or free gift cards.


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