Did you know that you can work from home and get paid $20 an hour to provide the expiration dates for COVID-19 vaccines?  This is a legitimate work from home opportunity that I first found out about in 2022.  This popular work from home job is back again in 2023 and you can apply today.

You can watch the video about this particular work from home job and other companies hiring below.

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Before you apply for this position, make sure you have access to the following items.

  • Internet connection
  • Email address
  • A designated area to work in your home

Who is Hiring for this position?

Kelly Connect.  They contract remote workers to work from home for Apple and other clients.  They also hire candidates to work from home providing the expiration dates for COVID-19 vaccines on a full-time basis.

If you are not familiar with Kelly Connect formerly known as Kelly Services, please read this post to get an insider’s view of the company and what it’s really like to work for them.

What are the job duties?

You will be responsible for providing front-line customer service to domestic and internal customers on a daily basis.  Those interactions must be handled in a professional and timely manner to ensure compliance.  This is due to the fact that you will have direct communication with external customers, hospitals, distributors, and internal customers.   But your main job duty is to identify and communicate the product expiration date for the COVID-19 vaccine to customers.  Additional job duties may require you to notify parties of updates and changes, or service requests.

What are the job qualifications?

Interested individuals desiring to apply for this position must have a High School Diploma or equivalent.  You will also need 1-3 years of customer service experience.  In the job description, Kelly Connect is specifically looking for people who possess good listening, verbal, and written communication skills.  You must also be performance-driven with good problem-solving skills.  Desirable candidates must understand day-to-day responsibilities and demonstrate flexibility.

How long will this job last?

I am not completely sure exactly how long this job will last.  I do know that it is full-time and I would suspect that it would last as long as there is a need.

Will I need a computer to work from home for Kelly Connect?

Kelly Connect does not state in the job description what kind of computer or equipment you will need.  They have been known to provide and send your computer and equipment to you.  I’m not sure if that is the case for this job but it is a possibility.  You can find over 100 employers that will give you a free computer to work from home on this page.

How do I apply for this work from home position?

You can click here to apply to work from home providing the COVID-19 expiration dates for customers.

Does Kelly Connect have any other work from home jobs available?

Yes.  In fact, they have a section just for Virtual positions on their official website in the following categories below.

  • Bilingual Tech Support – Canadian residents
  • IT Service Desk Analysts
  • Tech Support
  • Member Engagement Specialists
  • Investor Service Reps

If you don’t see an opportunity that you are interested in, please check their website periodically for new work from home job listings.  If you know someone who would like to do this job from home, please share this post with them.  Feel free to come back and visit the weekly job page and the home page for new work from home job opportunities in several categories.

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