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20 Cool ways to spring your way into cashNow that Spring officially started 12 days ago, you may be looking for some ways to earn extra cash.  Now is the time to branch out and multiply your earnings online.  You will find at least 20 ways you can spring your way into cash that will help you do the following:

Get a resume that will pass the ATS tracking system for better results
  • Pay your cell phone bill.
  • Save up for a family vacation.
  • Buy groceries.
  • Make home repairs/improvements.
  • Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.
  • Get a new outfit.
  • Go to the movies or even see a show.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and take advantage of these opportunities to earn cash this Spring without leaving your home.

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  1. Kash Kick – This cool site will pay you in cash directly to your PayPal account to watch videos, surf the web, answer surveys, and find great deals online.  It is completely free to join and you can get started today.
  2. Panelpolls – Get paid free gift cards that you can spend just like cash to participate in online projects, focus groups, try new apps, and even test games.  Panelpolls is open to teens, parents, young adults, and others.  You can earn up to $300 per project.
  3. L & E Research – Get paid up to $200 or more to give your opinions about TV shows, your grocery shopping habits, etc.  These studies are for research purposes only.  You can complete them from your home, in person, or over the phone.
  4. User Interviews – Get paid up to $100 per hour to talk about social media, your experiences in healthcare, and other topics.  Some studies will be completed via a webcam interview.
  5. Rakuten – Get paid to shop online or in-store.  Rakuten is completely free and they will reward you in cash to shop at your favorite stores including the mall and online.  There are over 2,800 stores to choose from.  If you sign up today with Rakuten, you will get your Big Fat Check sent out on May 15th.
  6. RebateKey – Get free products from Etsy, Amazon, and many other stores to try from new sellers.  Your cashback will be sent to you in cash.  Rebatekey has over 2,000 items in beauty, clothes, personal care, for your home, kitchen, and so much more.
  7. Rebaid – Rebaid is very similar to RebateKey.  You can also get free or deeply discounted products from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.  You will earn cashback on every item you purchase.  The items are new and very popular.  They sell out very fast but you can visit Rebaid daily to see if they have new products available.
  8. Paid Viewpoint – You will get paid to complete mini-polls on a daily basis.  The polls take less than 5 minutes to complete.  Pays instantly via PayPal or with free gift cards.
  9. PrizeRebel – Get paid daily to give your opinion on various topics from independent research companies.  You will also earn to complete online offers.  PrizeRebel has monthly contests to help you earn more money for being an active member on the site.
  10. Inbox Dollars – Get paid $5 upfront when you join today.  You will also earn cash for uploading receipts, playing games, reading your email, searching the web, and so much more.  Inbox Dollars is one of my favorite sites to use to play games that stimulate my brain.
  11. Start a Blog – Make money every day with your own blog sharing content you love.  You can make a full-time income with your blog by working just a few hours a week.  What I love about blogging is that it doesn’t require experience, you don’t have to apply online, you can work when you want, you will never have to submit to a background check, worried about getting fired, and the list goes on.  Take my online course today here, so that you can set up your own blog right away.  Read my book entitled, “How to Make Money Everyday Blogging for full-time income” for more inspiration and motivation.  Bluehost has everything you need to start your own blog here.
  12. Podcast – If you like to talk to people about topics that are dear to your heart, start a Podcast.  Spotify has a free program for Podcasters that will not only distribute your Podcast but link you up with advertisers that will insert ads in every episode you upload.  Check out my Podcast, Real Work from Home Jobs to get a feel of how podcasting works.
  13. Survey Savvy – Earn $15 a month to search the web with Savvy Connect.  You will earn $5 per device when you install the Savvy Connect app.  You can earn more if you take their surveys but this is optional and not required.  Payments are sent via check in 7 days or less.  No minimum cashout amount is needed.
  14. Downloading Apps – Feature Points will pay you to try free apps from the App Store and/or Google Play.  You will test out the app for at least 2 minutes.  You can also earn to take surveys, shop, and complete offers.  Pays via PayPal or with free gift cards.
  15. InstaGC – Get real cash or instant gift cards to watch videos (some of which can be repeated several times), complete trial offers, and for liking YouTube shorts.  Watch this video to see how it works.
  16. Virtual Tutor – Work from home helping students learn to improve their reading with BookNook.  They are currently recruiting online Tutors to work their own schedule from home.  Pays $18 per hour with perks.
  17. Mystery Shopping – Visit stores, various amusements, order pizza, and more as a mystery shopper.  Companies will pay you to evaluate businesses from your smartphone.  You may be required to take photos.  You can join sites like Field Agent, Amusement Advantage, and BestMark to be a mystery shopper.
  18. Scanning ReceiptsIbotta, Fetch use code G4HBH, and Upside use code Alicia7572 to get cash or free gift cards to scan receipts when you shop at the grocery store, purchase gas, or eat out at restaurants.  Using these apps will help you to avoid paying retail prices.
  19. Mail Decoy – US Monitor is looking for people to be Mail Decoys.  This cool side hustle will pay you to receive mail at your home address and enter the keycodes found on the front or back of each mailpiece image.  You will receive a check in the mail monthly for every piece of mail you enter.
  20. Quora Space – Earn money with your own community.  Quora (a popular question-and-answer site) has a feature for contributors to monetize their own spaces within Quora.  Members that join your space have to pay to unlock certain content which is how you get paid with Quora.  The more members you have and the more popular your space is, the more you will earn.

What sites are you using or planning to use this Spring?  Let me know in the comments.

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