Real Tips to Make Money with Amazon Mturk

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So your looking for a new online gig, to put some extra cash into your pocket.  Well Mturk maybe the answer for you.  Many of you may heard of Amazon Mturk before or are even using this site to earn extra cash for yourself.  You may even be struggling to earn extra cash with this site and that is why I have written this post.  To give you an inside look at Mturk so that you can really make it work for you.  Here are some things to know that will help you with your turk experience.

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First, Mturk is a legitimate work at home company that will pay you as you are work on jobs from various people from all around the globe.  The kinds of tasks that you will complete online are referred to as hits that range in size and project time.  Mturk is part of the Amazon network, so you can be assured that you are working for a real company and not one that will scam you.

Second, getting started with Mturk will take a lot of patience in the beginning.  Don’t expect to get rich working from home for Amazon Mturk. But if you incorporate a good method of work strategy you can do well with this site.

How to Approach the HITS

As mentioned before when you first start out, it will be very slow.  In fact, most hits that you will be working on will be worth less than $0.25.  Do not let that discourage you because the key is to do these small hits to build your hit completion up.  Once you hit 100 completed hits, you will start to see more hits available to you and your pay will increase.  When you pass 500 hits, look for even more hits to become available as you continue to go up the hits completion scale.  You will also notice that more surveys will become available to work on which are good money earners for the most part.  My rule of thumb is to look at the project and see what is the estimated completion time.  You may see a hit worth $3.00 but it may take you about 50 min to complete, so in all honesty you could have done more smaller hits and made just as much possibly faster.

Next, build your self a schedule.  Some turkers will work from sun up to sun down but this may not be most productive.  However I don’t do that and I don’t encourage you to work that way either or you will burn yourself out before you make good money.  I personally go through and login early in the morning and complete usually 4 hits which gives me about $2-$3 for about 30 min of work then I will go in again right before lunch and work on 1-2 more hits giving me another $1 roughly.  My very last login time is right before I am finished for the day and grab a few more hits.  I try to earn about $4-$5 dollars a day and enjoy it.  The people that try to make it a full days work will tell you they hate it.  I would to if I was doing it all day, but by breaking it down it allows me to enjoy it and still get about $100-$200 extra cash each month.

How much can you earn with Amazon Mturk

Your potential earnings depends on the amount of time you want to spend doing these hits but remember most hits will be under $1.  There is a chance that you get work on some hits in the $2-$4 range as well, but that is more likely after you been turking for awhile.   I have been working for Mturk for about a year and with just over 700 hits.

How do you get paid?

I also like the fact that if you are in the United States your earnings can be directly deposited to your bank account just the same as a real job outside the home would do.  You can also have the option to transfer your earnings into via a gift card credit on your account if you choose to do so.  This payment method works exceptionally well if you are working from another country, as most countries are allowed to do this.

The key to making Amazon Mturk work for you

The key to Amazon M-Turk is patience.  Allow your self some time so that you can really start to turn this into a nice part time work at home job.  Remember everyone’s experience will be different and the results will also vary.  You have my methodology to Mturk and you may develop your own once you get started but just remember PATIENCE goes a long way with Amazon Mturk.

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