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Did you know that you can make money online without working from home or blogging?  There are several legitimate extra cash sites that pay you real money to answer simple questions, download apps, search the web and so much more.  In fact, there are several sites that pay more than work at home jobs for you to use and sign up to make $250 or more a week!

Before you sign up, make sure that you follow all their rules and abide by their instructions so that you can increase your earnings and choose which methods work best for you.  I would also recommend that you use multiple sites regularly or daily if possible to help you reach your maximum potential per day, week, etc.  Feel free to read reviews about these sites and use strategies that other people incorporate to make it work for them.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Here are a few of my favorite sites that I use combined that pay more than some work at home jobs.

Neighbor – Some of you are looking for a way to earn money this summer.  One of the best ways to utilize your time and make some decent money is by listing your unused space on Neighbor.  You can earn up to $600 a month renting out a shed, closet, basement, parking spot, or anything else you own.  It is completely free.  Get automatic deposits to your account each month!

DoorDash – This is another company that will pay you to deliver food to people in your neighborhood for real cash.  DoorDash guarantees that you will earn at least $5 per order plus you get to keep your tips.  This amount could be higher or a little less depending upon the size of the order and other factors.  You can also earn some decent cash by referring other Dashers or drivers to work for DoorDash which will catapult your earnings to hundreds of dollars per person.

Podcast – Earn good money talking about your favorite topics in a podcast.  Most podcasters who consistently upload episodes are able to make $700 a month per episode.  You can earn even more with paid sponsors, ads, listener donations, subscriptions, etc.

Clickworker – This is a site that people are using to make a steady income from their smartphones or computers.  This is especially true if you work on the UHRS tasks.  You can read more about how this works and how to get started here.  Depending upon how much you work, you can expect to make close to $10 per hour.

Amazon Direct Publishing – Makeup to 70% in royalties selling your own books on Amazon Direct Publishing in paperback form or digitally.  You will get access to millions of readers, have your book(s) recommended by Amazon and earn money every single month from the sale of your book.

YouTube – You can make more than $200 a week as a YouTube creator.  Whether you are uploading gaming, makeup, or hair tutorials, reviewing movies, dishing about celebrities, vlogging about your life, how to decorate, and everything else in between.  I don’t want to give you false hope because, In the beginning, it may take a few months to gain a following and have people watch and share your videos but if you are consistent and stay focused on your goal and don’t give up…you will reach it and possibly beyond.  Watch this video below to see how much I earn on YouTube.

Amazon Affiliate – Almost everybody is shopping on Amazon today and you can use your influence to your advantage by becoming an Amazon Influencer.  It is super easy to join this platform to supplement your income very easily.  This program is recommended for those who have an audience or reach on social media so that you can direct them to the products that you love and use on Amazon with your own page.  Once you are approved, all you have to do is set up your page and add products to it and share your unique URL with your favorite products.  Every time someone makes a purchase, you earn a commission.  This helps me to generate extra income with minimal work monthly.

L & E Research – If you would like to make up to $500 for just 60 minutes of your time, you may want to try L & E Research.  This is a market research company that is known for paying its members to complete online focus groups, paid studies, telephone interviews, bulletin boards, and more.  They are legitimate and pay you in cash.  There are ongoing and available studies for you to participate in right now!

Inbox Dollars

This is another cool site that you can use to generate extra income by signing up for free offers that will help you not only to save money but make money also.  In fact, Inbox Dollars will give you $100 to be an Airbnb Host and $30 to be an Avon Rep.  You will also earn cash for each coupon you download and redeem, to take surveys daily (which is probably one of the best and most consistent ways to earn), finding deals on Groupon, searching their browser and so much more.

Instagram – Use your social media platforms including Instagram to promote products, sell items and advertise for companies or your own stuff.  Many people do this by signing up with an affiliate company, through sponsorships, referral programs, and other avenues to earn a hefty commission on Instagram in the form of several posts, reviews, or videos that they upload to their Instagram page.  I would say you can earn hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month doing this online.  You don’t have to be a celebrity to make money on Instagram.

Pinterest – Similar to Instagram but possibly easier in my opinion because you do not feel the pressure or obligated to share personal photos to engage your audience.  With Pinterest people are there to discover new content which can make it easier for you to create pins to post on your board that people will visit and act on and then reshare with others (if they like it).  Your pin will continue to be discovered by others long after you created it which will drive traffic and sales to your business, blog, etc.

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Mturk – You can earn $200 or up a week using Mturk if you stick with it and invest enough time completing tasks with this site.  There is plenty of work available and several tips and guides from Facebook Groups and various blogs to keep you motivated and even tell you the best HITS to complete.  I would advise you to use this site if you haven’t already.

Swagbucks – There are several ways to earn with Swagbucks including their mobile apps to make money when you shop, answer surveys, play live trivia games and watch videos.  With Swagbucks Live you have the chance to win Big cash playing their live game show.  Other Swagbucks apps will pay you to watch movie clips and trailers, music videos, exciting travel, home decor, food, fitness, and more.  There is no cap or limit to how much you can earn.

Prolific – Get paid to complete research studies on various topics that are quick and easy.  You can earn close to $300 a month or more with Prolific.  You can immediately participate in new studies as soon as you log in.  You will always qualify.

Rakuten – If you love to shop, you can make decent money with Rakuten or Ebates!  Getting cashback is the easiest way that I have seen to make money online.  Some people are making thousands of dollars a year or every 3 months with this site.

Capterra Reviews – Capterra is a company that will pay you for your review of various types of software that you have used.  Your reviews should be unique and ones that you have personally used or had experience with.  It is possible to make $150 a month depending upon how many software products you review.

Fiverr – When I used Fiverr as a seller, I was able to generate some good income per gig.  I even earned $75 in just 5 minutes with Fiverr on a major holiday.  The add-ons really made this possible but it just goes to show if you put yourself out there and offer a service that people want or need and they like your work, you can make good money with Fiverr.

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