Work from home Assembly JobsFor almost 10 years, I have been asked if there are any legitimate work from home assembly jobs.  This is a highly sought-after work-at-home job because a lot of people like the satisfaction of being able to build things with their hands and see the finished product.  Plus, you pretty much get to set and work your own hours.  I am now happy to report that I actually found a legitimate work at home assembly job that you can apply to online due in part to COVID-19.  Let me explain, but first a caution.

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Other Reasons why people desire work from home assembly jobs

Generally work from home assembly jobs are well-known scams that are promoted on the internet on various job boards, social media platforms, and elsewhere. You may even come across a website that claims you can make $1,500 a week assembling various items from your home but what they don’t tell you is that you have to pay hundreds of dollars upfront in order to get started with no work or payment from the company.  So essentially, you have thrown away money and are only left with supplies or materials (if you ever receive them).

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Work at home assembly jobs are not the only scams that are being advertised on the internet.

Please read this post, “Work at home Scams they don’t want you to know about” to find out more work at job offers that are promoted as scams and how you can avoid them.

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Where to find legitimate Work at home assembly jobs?

There are some websites and companies that offer legitimate work at home assembly jobs.  Fiverr is one company that will allow you to join as a seller to promote your work at home assembly gigs that others may purchase for a fee.  Fiverr has millions of users that buy services through this platform which will give you a good opportunity to make money from home assembling various items.  However, Fiverr will take a small percentage of your earnings because you are using their platform.  If you haven’t checked out Fiverr, please do so here.  You can also try sites like Upwork.  You can browse this freelance platform to find and get work at home assembly jobs posted by various individuals and businesses.  Read more about how UpWork works here.  Sites like Craigslist also have work at home assembly jobs but you will definitely need to use this site carefully and avoid job postings with vague details, misspellings, and jobs that may require you to do something sketchy or illegal.  I wrote a post a long time ago about how you can find legitimate work-at-home jobs on Craigslist with some very helpful tips you can read here.  I almost forgot to mention Task Rabbit.  Task Rabbit needs people called taskers to complete various handyman tasks including assembly items for customers from your home.  You can get started here.

The legitimate work at home assembly job I found, researched, and posted online comes from a company that has other jobs listed on their official website with all the details.  This work at home assembly job is directly related to COVID-19 because you will assemble PPE or personal protective equipment for frontline healthcare workers and the general public.  The company has retooled its work to manufacture PPE to keep everyone safe from contracting the virus.  In order to be a qualified candidate, you must be reliable, dependable, and self-motivated, and can pick up and drop off completed items.  You can work a flexible schedule and the pay is calculated per unit assembled which equates to $11 up to $15 per hour.  This job is expected to last until there is no longer a need.

How do I apply?

This job is posted at the top of the weekly job section dated 11/24/2020 along with other legitimate work at home jobs in several categories.  You can apply by visiting this page.  Please also join our Facebook groups Workersonboard Community and Real Work from Home Jobs for additional work at home job leads, reviews, advice, and other money-making opportunities.

Please watch this video for more information about this work at home assembly job below


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