Virtual Shoppers needed immediately - Earn up to $75 per dayDo you use the internet to shop online?  Are you currently looking for a legitimate work at home job?  If so, there is a company now hiring Virtual Shoppers to work from home.  In fact, you will actually pay to shop virtually for specific items online and get them delivered to your home address.  This post will explain what company is hiring you to do this and how you can get started.

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What company is hiring Virtual Shoppers?

BestMark is one of the nation’s largest mystery shopping service providers that has been around since 1986.  They work with various Fortune 500 companies, businesses, and brands to understand a consumer’s view about how the company can improve its products and services and what it can do to appeal to more customers.

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In order for this concept to work, BestMark recruits shoppers to visit various establishments in person as well as virtually to evaluate their experiences anonymously as mystery shoppers.  In exchange for this valuable information including the time spent to conduct a mystery shop, BestMark will pay their mystery shoppers a set rate (depending upon the shop) for free meals, products, bonuses, and other perks for their feedback.

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BestMark is currently looking for shoppers who are able to place their orders and start their shop on the current date listed in the shop instructions.  All shops are updated daily Monday through Friday by 9 am CST.

Virtual Shoppers Needed

BestMark has various mystery shops that include but are not limited to automobile maintenance, cell phone, retail, restaurant, hotel, and other shops that you can complete for extra cash.  Right now, BestMark has an urgent need for virtual shoppers in almost any location in the US to shop online.

What is involved in these Virtual Shops?

These virtual shops do not require you to leave your home.  Each virtual shop will require you to place an online order at a specific website, have it delivered to your home address, and return it for evaluation.  There will be a link provided in your shop instructions so that you will know exactly what to purchase and from what supplier.  You will also upload photos of your return and order confirmation, product packaging, product, and any damage that may or may not be present.  Next, you will provide your refund receipt confirmation to validate the shop.

The final step will require you to submit an online survey about the experience within 20 days of the shop.

Just in case you are wondering BestMark will cover the entire cost of each item you purchase plus any return shipping expenses, and any fees the seller deducts that may include restocking fees, seller’s remorse, etc.  If the seller declines the return, BestMark will cover that also.

How much will I earn per Virtual Shop?

BestMark will pay you 100% of the cost of the product plus a $25 cash payment for each virtual shop.  BestMark allows their virtual shoppers to complete up to 3 shops per day!  This depends on availability but if you are able to do 3 retail virtual shops in one day, you will earn $75.

What is their payment method?

BestMark pays its mystery shoppers with the following methods:  PayPal, direct deposit, or gift card.  Each mystery shopper can select which payment method they prefer by selecting from the three listed above in their shopper profile.

Who can be a Mystery Shopper?

BestMark needs people who reside in either the US or Canada to be mystery shoppers.  You can choose which shops you want to work on either in-person shops, virtual shops, or both.

Is This Legitimate?

Yes.  I have gotten paid a few times from BestMark and you can see my payment proofs on my Instagram Page here.  Because BestMark is a well-known legitimate market research company, scammers will use their name, logo, etc. to contact individuals asking them to cash a check to complete a wire money transfer.  This is a scam and you will be responsible for the bounced check.

Remember that you should never under any circumstances pay to be a mystery shopper or for on-site training to become a mystery shopper.  BestMark will only contact you via email with the email address ending in  They will never ask you to transfer funds or cash a check as a part of a mystery shopping assignment, send you a letter, reach out to you indicating that you are selected for their research program, or ask you to meet with a rep of the company to complete an assignment.  If anyone asks you to do any of the following above, please report it to the Federal Trade Commission on their official website here.

If you would like to learn more about scams, please read the post “Work at Home Scams they don’t want you to know about“.

How do I sign up to be a mystery shopper?

Click here to go to BestMark’s official website to create your shopper account.  You will input your current email address and be required to select a password that you will enter every time you log in to look for and sign up for mystery shops.

More information about BestMark

Please watch this latest YouTube video tutorial about this unique money-making opportunity you can do for BestMark below.

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  • CindyKay Clark · at

    Hi Alicia, just wanted to send a note concerning the “mystery shopper” job at Best Mark. When I clicked to go to their website, it took me to a website called “Amusement Advantage.”

      aw1219 · at

      Thank you so much for letting me know. You can sign up to be a mystery shopper for Best Mark here If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact me. Both Amusement Advantage and Best Mark both recruit mystery shoppers to visit various businesses and amusements including virtual shops and will pay you to do this.

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