Are you looking for a non-phone work at home job that does not require experience and will allow you to watch your favorite sports?  Would you like to work from home monitoring games?  Do you live outside the United States and need a work-at-home job?  If your answer was yes to either one of those questions, I have a great work from home opportunity for you.

What is the opportunity?

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MLB short for Major League Baseball is currently seeking Gameday Monitors for the 2022 minor league baseball season to work from home.  Major League Baseball is a major professional sports league in the United States and Canada.  They are currently seeking remote workers to monitor games to ensure high-quality content can be viewed by their subscribers.

MLB is an equal opportunity workplace and is open to all candidates and will even consider qualified candidates regardless of criminal histories and those with a disability or special need.

What are my job duties as a Gameday Monitor?

In addition to monitoring the games, you will be responsible for relating any gameday-related issues immediately to appropriate teams.  You will also be required to provide nightly reports to recap any other issues that may have occurred.  Gameday Monitors will also provide quality assurance of live audio and video viewership on the MiLB.TV streaming app.

What hours will I be required to work?

Gameday Monitors will be required to work at least 25 hours a week or more.  In order to stream the games and give nightly recaps, your schedule will be directly connected to the MiLB game schedule.  This means you must be flexible to work nights, weekends, and holidays.

What equipment will I need in my home office?

Ideal candidates will need to have access to basic equipment which includes a reliable computer, tablet, and/or cell phone with a stable Wifi connection.  This necessary equipment will allow you to perform your job efficiently to monitor quality content via their streaming app.

Does this position require experience?

This is an entry-level job that does not require any experience to work from home as a Gameday Monitor.

What kind of skill do I need to possess?

MLB is looking for candidates who possess excellent communication skills.  You will communicate virtually with their staff and relay any streaming-related issues to the appropriate channels in NY, so having good communication is a definite must.  You will also need a strong understanding of computers, streaming platforms, and online web applications.

MLB does have a section for desired skills in the job description for Gameday Monitors.  You can still get hired to work from home even if you don’t have these skills but if you have them, your application will stand out.

How much will I earn working from home as a Gameday Monitor?

MLB does not state exactly how much you will earn but in their application form, there is a section for you to enter how you would like to make with the question, “What are your salary requirements?”  Similar positions from MLB pay an average salary starting from $30,000 to $55,000 a year.  This may help you to calculate a figure If you are unsure of what to enter.

How to Apply?

Please click here to apply to work from home as a Gameday Monitor for Major League Baseball.  Remember baseball season starts soon, so apply today if you meet the requirements.

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