Get hired to work from home for AfniA lot of people want to work from home but not if it takes 6 months to a year or more to get hired.  Although patience is needed when applying for and getting a work from home job, that is not the case with all companies.  In fact, Afni has been known to hire remote agents in 5 days or less.  If you would like to start working for a company by next week, please make sure you consider applying to Afni.

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Who is Afni?

Afni is a company based in the United States in the Contact Center field that has clients in the cell phone, insurance, and clothing brand industry.  They have locations not only in the US but in the Phillippines as well.  This company has been employing remote workers who can fulfill its mission, which is to enable better outcomes through positive and worthwhile engagement.  Not just with employees but clients, partners, and customers of the nation’s largest brands.

What kind of jobs does Afni have?

Currently, you can find jobs for Afni in the following categories:

  • Arbitration Subrogation Specialist
  • Auto Insurance Subrogation Specialist
  • Billing Insurance Specialist
  • Collections Specialist
  • Customer Sales Rep
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Financial Analyst
  • Human Resource Coordinator
  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Insurance Specialist
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Patient Service Rep
  • Bilingual Collections Rep
  • Bilingual Subrogation Collector
  • Transfer Agent
  • and many more

What are some of the job duties working for Afni?

The job duties vary depending on what job you are hired to work in.  But if you are invited to join Afni in their Customer Service department, you will be responsible for assisting customers’ needs and building meaningful connections with them.  You are the voice of the company you represent to take calls right from your home office.

How much will I get paid?

The pay rate for Customer Service Reps starts at $15 per hour plus bonuses.  Remote Agents who perform really well on the job will be entitled to receive an additional $4 per hour with their bonus.  This means you will make $19 per hour plus bonuses.

Of course, the pay is not the same for other positions but it is hourly unless otherwise stated in the job description.

What are the qualifications?

Customer Service Reps working for Afni need to have 6 months of customer service experience.  You also need to live in select states.

Are there any perks?

Yes.  Afni has incredible perks for its employees.  All employees will get to work 40 hours a week on a full-time basis.  You will also have job stability because they have been in business since 1936.  This means that if you get hired, you can expect to work for Afni for a long time.  Employees will also receive the following perks, benefits, and bonuses.

  • Free computer & equipment.
  • Paid training.
  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits.
  • Paid time off which includes holidays and vacations.
  • Annual performance reviews for more money.
  • Up to 5,250 per year in tuition reimbursement.
  • A nice referral bonus every month that you receive for your employee referrals.  Afni has a no-limit referral bonus program which means you can earn an unlimited income by telling your friends about Afni.  They have a Buddy Bucks referral program that is the best on the web!  You can earn hundreds of dollars a month referring people to work for this company.  Please watch this video for all the details to see how much you can make below.

What is the Hiring Process like for Afni?

After you apply online, you will be contacted via email within 1-5 business days to set up a phone interview.  The phone interview should take no more than 30 minutes of your time.  From there, you will receive an email with your job offer.

Please keep in mind that the hiring process could take up to 2-4 weeks overall depending on the need and job availability but most people are hired very fast!  Afni will tell you in your interview if you are hired or not.

Will I be required to work onsite for Afni?

Afni will only offer onsite positions to applicants who live extremely close to their Call Center locations.  Some positions may state in the job description that you will work onsite before working from home but that is the exception…not the rule.

How do I apply for Afni?

You can apply today, by clicking here.  You will be directed to their job board to start the application process.

If you have experience working for Afni or plan to apply, please leave your comments below.


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