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Get paid $19 per hour to monitor callsDid you know that you get paid to monitor calls from home?  This non-phone work from home job is very popular because you don’t have to interact with customers.  You can literally sit back in the comfort of your home listening to recorded calls making $19 per hour.  If this kind of job appeals to you, please be sure to keep reading and apply online.

I recommend this job for people who are not easily distracted, have a space in their home that is quiet, and possess good listening skills.  Remote agents who have worked for companies like Reynolds & Reynolds, Humanatic, or Slingshot reviewing calls should also apply for this position.

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Who’s Hiring People to Monitor Recorded Calls?

The name of the company is called Cognosante.  This employer’s mission is to provide meaningful change by delivering innovative solutions for healthcare, civilian, and defense government agencies.  Cognosante currently has other work from home jobs for individuals fluent in Spanish and English to monitor and audit calls on a part-time basis.

Please note that Cognosante is another employer targeted by scammers making fraudulent job offers.  Communication with their recruiting department will only come from official corporate email domains ending in  Email addresses ending in any other form like,, etc. are not representatives of Cognosante.  Cognosante will never send payment or request payment from an applicant prior to the start date.

What is involved in monitoring calls?

Overall your goal is to support customers by improving and maintaining the performance of their technical help desk functions.  In order to accomplish this, you will review recorded help desk calls.  These are pre-recorded (not live) calls between the customer and the person designated to take the calls.  Most likely this individual would be referred to as a help desk agent.

You will evaluate each call for compliance with customer policies and procedures and observe soft skills.  The soft skills you will be evaluating are clear communication skills and empathy for each user’s problem.  If those measures have not been met or need improvement, you will recommend solutions the help desk agent can implement on future calls.

In addition to evaluating/auditing these recorded calls, you will do the following

  • Take notes of the conversation.
  • Provide clear and concise feedback.
  • Solve issues when completing an audit on each call.

Does this job require experience?

Yes, but it is broad.  Cognosante requires qualified candidates to have 1 year of experience in a position that requires independent problem-solving and reasoning.  This experience could apply to many job categories online or on location.

What are the requirements?

You will be required to possess strong written communication skills so that you can translate call jargon.  You must type 35 wpm with 85% accuracy, can multitask and toggle between computer applications, pay attention to detail, have strong interpersonal skills, and are proficient in MS Word and Excel.  You will also need a high school diploma or GED.

How many hours will I be required to work?

You will be working 4-hour shifts from Monday through Friday for at least 20 hours a week.  Prior to working, you will be trained online for 4 to 5 hours each day Monday through Friday.  Breaks will be administered during this time.

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Will I receive benefits?

Cognosante does not provide benefits for remote Call Monitors.

Can I do this job if I am disabled?

Yes.  Cognosante has provided accommodations for individuals with disabilities to work for their company.

What is their hiring process like?

After you apply to be a Quality Analyst or Call Monitor for Cognosante, they will notify you with instructions to follow additional steps in the application process.  One of those steps includes taking a proficiency test in the first 30 days of training.  Before you get to that step, you will be asked to complete a virtual interview.

To ensure success, before your interview make sure your internet connection is stable, dress appropriately (avoid t-shirts with slang, low-cut tops, wrinkled garments, or dirty attire), rehearse responses to common interview questions, make eye contact, smile, be enthusiastic, and remove all distractions including your smartphone during your interview.

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How can I apply online?

You can apply for this position here.  You can find and apply to more remote jobs from Cognosante here.  Please feel free to visit the weekly job page of this site for brand new work from home job leads.


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