20 Easy Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Do you shop online?  If so, you’ve probably purchased or plan to buy something on Amazon.  I use Amazon all the time to buy items for my home office, cookware, home decor, bedding, and many other things.  If you want to get some free Amazon gift cards and not spend your own money, here are a few easy ways to do this from home.

Work at home Jobs for the Disabled

There are a lot of work at home job opportunities for those who people are 55 and up, for teens, students, stay at home moms, dads, those who live outside the US and even those who are currently disabled.  This means that no one is left out of being able to work from home.  If you are receiving SSI or SSDI disability benefits and want to work from home, there are many jobs you can apply to online here.

75 Work at home Jobs that Do Not Require Background Checks

Have you found the ideal work at home job that will fit your schedule, has the amount of hourly pay you desire and even has other perks but notice there is a background check?  Many have found themselves in that situation and had to come up with a few dollars out of their pocket that they didn’t have.  Well, you can bypass this obstacle by applying to work at home jobs that do not require a background check or fee.

Get Paid to Shop Now with Rakuten!

If you are a shopper, you must join Rakuten because you will get free money to go shopping…and it’s not a scam!  I have been using Rakuten formerly known as Ebates for more than 4 years now and have earned a grand total of $4, 650.92 to date.  Think about this.  You can get paid every time you shop with Rakuten.

I LOVE this site because it is completely free, easy to use, has no catches whatsoever and will always reward you for being a member. 

15 Extra Cash Sites that are still Thriving in 2020!

Although there are a few companies that have disappeared all of a sudden that we relied on for extra cash, you can still count on some for daily income in this list.  I know how hard it can be to find a legitimate site where you can earn money every week and that is why I have decided to share with you some apps and companies that I use to supplement my income.

Get $500 from Fetch Rewards this Month!

You’ve probably heard about all the hype from Fetch Rewards.  If you are not familiar with this free app or have yet to download it, please use the code G4HBH to download it right now so that you will have a chance to win $500!  This app is one of my favorites because you will get paid every single time you scan a receipt from any store including club stores!