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Work from home Processing ClaimsHave you ever thought about working from home processing claims?  If not, you may want to give this field a try because you can find a lot of jobs posted by employers in the medical field, insurance, and elsewhere.  Not only are these jobs in great demand but they are not too complex once you know how to process them.

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Before I go into the details, I will briefly mention my own experience working for a company processing claims.

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In my early 20’s, I worked as a Medical Claims Processor in a tall high-rise building for a well-known health insurance company.  I had no previous experience in this field but I was hired in with a group of about 20 or so to process medical claims for the company.  My job was to review codes and signatures from providers and physicians for patients requesting additional procedures or treatment.

Before I was allowed to join the team upstairs with my own cubicle, I had to go through extensive training.  That lasted for a few weeks.  We had to learn codes, medical terminology, etc.  Once I finished this step, I would work from my desk reading over the claims from my computer to look for the provider’s signatures, codes, and other information to accurately process each claim which includes typing data.  If something was missing or incorrect, the claim would be sent back to the provider and processed after corrections were made.  Overall, my basic job duty is to approve or deny each claim.

I was eventually promoted as a Medical Claims Examiner III where I would make recommendations to help get those claims paid for doctors by insurance companies.  I still reviewed and processed claims but they were mostly Hospice Claims.  There was still ongoing training from time to time as policies, HIPAA laws, and procedures changed.

I shared my experience because some may overlook these type of jobs thinking they need previous experience or extensive education, but you don’t.  You do need to be a person with average typing skills, who pays close attention to detail, and is skilled in analyzing data.  Most people would qualify to do this kind of work…especially remotely.

Here are some other reasons why you should consider working from home processing claims.

  • Non-phone work from home job (unless stated by the company).
  • No secondary education is required.
  • You can make up to $60,000 a year or more.
  • Offers benefits and perks.
  • Opportunity for growth.
  • Entry-Level
  • Abundance of work.

Here are a few companies currently hiring Claims Processors to work from home.  For more work from home jobs, please visit the weekly job section, Friday Freebie pages, and join our FB Group – Workersonboard Community.

  1. First Source – This company is now hiring Claims Examiners to work from home processing Medical Insurance Claims.  They are looking for candidates who are highly motivated, success-driven, and have knowledge of medical terminology with basic math and computer application usage experience.
  2. Sedgwick – Work from home as a Workers Compensation Claims Associate.  Your job duty will consist of adjusting medical-only claims and minor lost-time workers’ compensation claims.  You will process the claims accurately, and ensure they are documented, and the coding is correct.  You will also process routing payments and prescriptions.  Requires excellent oral and written communication, and PC literacy, with strong organizational and interpersonal skills.  Full-time.
  3. USAble Life – This company is currently recruiting candidates to work from home as Claims Examiners I, II, or III.  As a Claims Examiner, you will review and adjudicate claims for accuracy and completeness to approve payment or denial.  You may also contact policyholders and/or providers for additional information.  This job requires 1-3 years of customer service experience, attention to detail, good verbal skills, and MS Office proficiency.  This job pays from $39,000 to $53,000.  Claims Examiner III will make up to $67,000 a year.
  4. CHCS Services, Inc. – Now hiring Claims Examiner I to work remotely.  You will be required to process complex HP/AD/ICU claims.  You will also make outbound calls to obtain information.  All candidates must have a high school diploma, excellent communication skills, and knowledge of Microsoft Office.  Pays $16 to $20 per hour.
  5. Gainwell Technologies – This company has openings for Medical Claims processors to work suspended claims and new day claims.  You will also review Medicare and other insurance information.  Requires knowledge of claims processing, and paper claims, familiar with explanation of benefits with Microsoft Word proficiency.  Pays $41,1000 to $51,4000 a year with benefits.
  6. Transamerica – Now hiring Claims Examiners to work from home to review claims, obtain additional information from alternative sources, monitor claims for fraud, etc.  Requires an Associate’s degree in business or equivalent experience with good communication, problem-solving, and multitasking skills.  Pays $33,000 to $48,5000 a year with bonuses, benefits, and perks.
  7.  American Specialty Health – Work from home as a Claims Examiner I processing claims accurately and efficiently.  You will enter claim data, verify information, provide backups for other examiners, and other related duties.  Requires 6 months of data entry experience with 10 key ability and can type 10,000 kph, good listening and communication skills, and can multitask.  Pays $14 per hour.  Equipment and training provided.
  8. Cognizant – This company is seeking Medical Claims Processors to review medical records to determine if the criteria have been met, review edits and warning messages to determine whether to pay the claim, and other duties.  Requires 1 year of claims processing experience, medical terminology, and medical billing knowledge, and can resolve problems.  Pays $16 to $18 per hour with benefits.
  9. Moda Health – Hiring Medical Claims Support Agents to make claim adjustments, review, analyze, and resolve claim issues, release claims, etc.  This job requires 6 months of medical claims processing or customer service experience, 12 months of experience as a Processor I, good communication, type 35 wpm, 10-key ability, can maintain confidentiality with strong verbal skills.  Pays $20.07 to $23.03 per hour with benefits.
  10. Access Community Health Network – Work from home as a Claims Processor for this company processing claims in the system, addressing customer inquiries, answering calls from vendors, etc.  Requires 1-3 years previous experience, good communication multitasking, and customer service oriented.


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