Working from home has become not only fashionable but quite lucrative for both employers and employees.  As each year passes more and more companies are seeing the benefits of hiring work-from-home employees.  And many people are taking advantage of this trend.  So let’s dive into some of the most well-known companies hiring people to work from home.

Here are some work-at-home jobs worth checking out in 2017.

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Let’s start off with some technology companies.  Perhaps the biggest star on this list is Amazon.

Amazon is more than a household name these days, and with everything they have its hands in it is no surprise that they are hiring people to work from home.  Other technology companies that hire from home include

  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Anthem Inc.
  • DELL
  • Xerox
  • and Convergys

Work-from-home jobs usually consist of customer service type work. This could include but is not limited to being a customer service representative, either by phone, computer chat, or both.

There are many companies doing this other than just technology companies.  Big banking organizations such as Bank Of America and Wells Fargo also have work-from-home representatives. Even the U.S. Government and many of its departments hire work-from-home employees.  Some of these arms include the U.S. General Services Administration – GSA, U.S. Department Of State, U.S. Department Of Agriculture, U.S. Department Of Commerce, and the list goes on!

Now if you want to throw a dart and hit as many targets as possible, I would suggest checking out retail companies as so many of them are hiring work-from-home employees.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Williams-Sonoma Inc.
  • Uhaul
  • Sutter Health
  • and Humana is just a few of the names that are hiring work-from-home employees.

I highly suggest checking out more “modern” type jobs though if you would like to work from home.  The following companies not only employ work-from-home personnel, but they have jobs that are not your typical day jobs.  Time Etc. and Lifebushido allows you to work from home as a Virtual Assistant!  TranscribeMe is a great company to work for if you are good at typing.  Work-from-home employees at Open English teach individuals how to speak English, all from the comfort of their own homes.  Listed below are all the companies named above plus a few more with direct links to their websites.

You can also check the weekly job section and Friday freebie pages of this website for even more legitimate companies that are currently hiring remote workers to do various tasks and assignments from their home offices.

Anthem Inc.
Bank Of America
American Express
Wells Fargo
U.S. General Services Administration – GSA
U.S. Department Of State
U.S. Department Of Agriculture
U.S. Department Of Commerce
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Williams-Sonoma Inc.
Sutter Health
Time Etc.

Open English
Working Solutions
Metaverse Mod Squad

Kelly Services



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