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Are you looking for a fun and easy way to earn extra money from home this summer and beyond?  Do you have a smartphone at your disposal?  If so, there is a cool website called Product Tube that is looking for people just like you to make short videos in your free time.  Although the concept may sound too good to be true, this is a very clever way to get opinions and feedback from others in a relatively short period of time.

But how does this really work and what is involved in this kind of gig?  These and other questions will be answered in detail in this post.  But in order to even be considered to be assigned these kinds of tasks, you will be required to join.  Which will be explained next.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

How to get started with Product Tube?

The first thing you will need to do is download the Product Tube app on either Google Play or the App store and sign up for an account.  It is free and there are no obligations or commitments.  If your mobile device is not charged or you are right in front of your computer, you can sign up and get started from your desktop or laptop computer.

Once you have signed up here and downloaded the app, you are ready to accept projects that will involve you in your home with a product or visiting a local store, taking photos of a product and/or making a testimonial from your camera on your smartphone.  You may be wondering why a company would pay you to do this?  The answer is quite simple.  These videos help companies and manufacturers to make improvements to offer the best product available and give (you) the consumer what you really want and need.  A great service, product or item.

At this point, you may have some questions about this gig which will be answered below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Product Tube 

  1. Is it Legitimate?  Yes.  You can read some reviews from others on Google Play or the App store who are using the app previously and currently to see screenshots that include payment proofs to confirm this company will pay you for every single project you complete.
  2. What does Product Tube do with my video?  Product Tube uses your video strictly for market research purposes and your video will never be shared with any other websites.
  3. How much will I earn?  The payment for each task or project varies depending upon the type but you if you complete these tasks on a regular basis, you can expect to earn anywhere from $50 up to $80 each month.  Payments are made in 48 hours or less but some people have gotten paid in less than 24 hours!
  4. What kind of videos will I have to make?  Product Tube has 2 types of videos that can be made with your camera phone.  The first type is in-store videos and at-home videos.  Pretty much self explanatory.
  5. Will I need any other equipment?  No.  Just your mobile device is all that is required.

Points to Remember

  • You may be contacted by Product Tube to make more videos for additional income on certain projects.
  • Sign up with an email address that you use regularly because assignments come on a first come first serve basis that are sent to your email address on file.
  • Videos should be audible and watchable.
  • Be honest in your video testimonials and feel free to be specific and detailed in your responses.
  • Upload videos right after you record them.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a quick and easy way to make money with your smartphone.  If this sounds appealing to you and you want to make $50 to $80 a month, please give Product Tube a try today by going to their official website here.

There is an urgent need for those in Canada to join Product Tube which you can do so here.  Others can join here.

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If you are thinking about giving Product Tube, working from home or blogging a try or are currently doing so, please leave us your comments below.

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