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Now Hiring Raters to Review the WebNow hiring Raters to work from home whenever you want to review web search results.  This is an easy non-phone work-at-home job with hourly pay.  It is also recommended for beginners.  Please read all the details about this opportunity below and be sure to apply online as soon as you can.

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There is a company now hiring Raters to work from home as soon as possible to rate and moderate content that you find on the web.  The name of the company is called Telus International (formerly known as Lionbridge).  This company has multiple work-at-home job opportunities worldwide.  About 99 percent of their job openings are non-phone.

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Details about the Position

Telus International is seeking to fill their Rater positions with remote workers who use the internet daily.  As a Rater, your job will require you to carry out important duties to improve the search engine results overall.  You will analyze and provide feedback on text, images, web pages, and other types of information using an online tool.  All Raters will be responsible for logging on to the online tool where you will select tasks at your own pace.  Raters are required to review the results for a specific search query and rate them in terms of relevance.

What are the requirements for a Rater?

Working from home as a Rater does not require any specific skills.  Qualified candidates will need to have either a High School Diploma or GED and have lived in the United States for the last 5 consecutive years.  Telus International is looking for people who have used Gmail as their primary email provider for the last 12 months.

The majority of tasks you work on will require you to have a desktop or laptop computer in your home office and a smartphone with broadband internet.  Any smartphone is fine as long as it is at least an Android 4.2 smartphone or iPhone iOS version 10.0 or higher.

Tips to help you get hired

Although it is not required, candidates who have experience browsing the web to access a variety of content and are familiar with current events, social media news, and so forth have a greater chance of being offered a position.  This is especially true if you pass their one-time qualification test.  After which, you will receive virtual training and complete instructions to fulfill your job duties.

How many hours will I work as a Rater?

You are only required to work up to 20 hours a week.  The hours are flexible which will allow you to make your own schedule and work anytime you want.

How much will I earn as a Rater?

Telus International currently pays $14 per hour for Raters to work from home.

Telus International Scam Alert

Because this is a well-known company that has legitimate work-at-home job opportunities, people will use its name and possibly logo to promote scams.  Please do not communicate with anyone claiming to represent Telus International with generic email addresses that end in,, or something similar.  Telus International will only contact candidates with the official email address ending with or

If someone has contacted you about a work-at-home job from Telus International and you are not certain if it is Telus, please contact them directly with the email address  Please note that Telus International will never ask you to deposit money for any role or project with the company.  This is a classic work-at-home scam technique to gain access to funds in your personal bank account.

To know more about work-at-home scams, please read this article, “Work-at-home Scams they don’t want you to know about.”

How to Apply

Please apply to be a Rater for Telus International by visiting their official website here to read the job description.

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