Easy ways teens can make moneyNow that school is officially over, teens may be looking for some ways to make money this summer.  There are a lot of possibilities you can pursue to earn money for the next three months or more.  The Internet has made it even easier for you to make money without leaving your home.  With so many options available now, you just need to decide what you will do.

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This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

Here is a checklist of some of the things you may need to get started.

  • PayPal Account (optional)
  • Smartphone.
  • A valid email address.
  • A bank account to deposit and save money.
  • Computer/laptop/tablet (At least 1 out of three).

I have a couple of teenagers and one pre-teen in my household currently.  I know how anxious teens are to make money for a sense of independence and accomplishment.  Making money doesn’t always have to be boring.  It can be fun and enjoyable.

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Fun fact – Did you know you can make money playing games online?  It’s really true.  This post will give you some sites that pay you to play games and so much more.

  1. Tutor/AidHelp students prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, or AP exams as a tutor or aid.  You can make $18 per hour or more tutoring and assisting students on your own time.
  2. Participate in market research – Panelpolls, L & E Research, and User Interviews are just a few market research companies looking for teens.  These sites pay you to test mobile apps, and games, watch videos, TV shows, commercials, and more.  You will get paid up to $100 or more to complete family projects, focus groups, online communities, etc.
  3. Take Calls – Uhaul hires teens who are at least 16 to work from home helping others schedule storage reservations, answer questions about rentals, etc.  This job does not require experience but you need to have a good grasp of US geography.  You must have a clear speaking voice and a quiet workspace to perform your job duties.  This job comes with hourly pay plus bonuses.  They are now accepting applications for teens in the US and Canada.  You will receive benefits and other perks.  Other companies that hire teens to work from home are Safelite, Quantel Research Group, Appen, and more.
  4. Listen to Calls – Humanatic is a legitimate company that recruits people (including teens) to listen to pre-recorded calls from their smartphones and/or computers.  You select a multiple-choice answer below each call according to how it was answered to earn money daily.  Pays per call plus bonuses.
  5. Qmee – This cool app and website have a variety of ways teens can earn money online.  You can get paid to complete fast polls, answer trivia questions, search the web, shop, and more.  What’s great about Qmee is that you will get paid instantly with no payment threshold.
  6. TeenEyes – TeenEyes is an online survey panel for those between the ages of 13 to 18.  You will get paid to give your opinions to companies about the products and services they offer from a teenager’s perspective.
  7. Podcast – Spotify will allow teens who are at least 13 with parental consent to access and use their services.  If you want to start a Podcast, you must read over the terms of service that you can access in the Legal tab of their official website.  You can monetize your podcast on Spotify in a variety of ways.  Get paid to talk about video games, movie/book reviews, advice on how to use social media responsibly, and so much more.  You can make hundreds of dollars with ads, sponsorships, and support from listeners with a podcast.
  8. Resell your items – Sell your gently used electronic devices and other items on sites like Gazelle or Amazon for extra money.  Decluttr is a legitimate site that will pay you cash money for your used books, watches, game consoles, and more.
  9. Review Music – Slicethepie is a website with a mobile app that will pay you to listen to new music and leave a short review.  You will also get paid in cash for every review you leave.  You can also earn money to review fashion items, homeware products, mobile devices, and more.
  10. Taking Polls – PaidViewpoint is one of the coolest sites that will always pay you to answer short polls.  You will like the multiple-choice answer style implemented at PaidViewpoint.  Each poll will take no more than 3 minutes of your time.  You will always get paid in cash plus you can earn more for referring your friends.
  11. Print on demand – Design and sell print-on-demand custom merch for good money monthly on sites like Spreadshirt, TeeSpring, and Redbubble.  You will make a few dollars for every design you sell.  There is no limit regarding your earnings but it all depends on how popular your designs are.
  12. TesterSign up for platforms that pay you to test websites, mobile apps, or software and provide feedback on usability and functionality.
  13. Social Media Manager – Make money keeping social media profiles for companies clean, safe, and inviting for visitors.  You can also help to grow their presence, protect their reputation, and respond to comments and contacts on social media.
  14. Handmade crafts or products If you have a talent or enjoy creating handmade crafts or unique products, consider setting up an online store on platforms like Etsy to sell your creations.  You can even sell digital products like YouTube thumbnails, create logos for companies, and so much more.
  15. Write resumes – Get paid $40,000 a year writing resumes for others.  You can find resume writing jobs online or offer your resume writing service on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.  A lot of people value this service and need help tweaking or having a professional resume written for them.
  16. Create video intros – Canva is a site that you can use to create intros for YouTube videos for content creators.  This gig could turn into a profitable business for you if you are able to make the intros stand out.  You can make hundreds of dollars a week creating video intros.
  17. Book covers – Use Canva to create beautiful book covers for ebooks and physical books.  You can sell them to authors on Fiverr and Etsy.
  18. Play games – Do you like playing strategy games, word search games, or even solitaire?  If so, please join Swagbucks and get paid to play games.  Swagbucks will also pay you to watch online videos, try mobile apps, answer surveys, etc.  You must be 13 to join Swagbucks.  It is open to teens worldwide.
  19. Search the Web – Survey Savvy will pay you cash just to search the web.  You must download and install their extension on your internet-connected devices like your smartphone, tablet, and/or computer.  Survey Savvy will pay $15 a month just to keep it installed.
  20. Install an app – Qmee will pay you money to visit websites and online stores when you are online.  You are not required to purchase anything.  You just have to click to enter a website.  For example, if you are browsing the web for pizza and Pizza Hut or Domino’s comes up on the left-hand corner of your screen from your Qmee extension, you will click it and get paid.
  21. Write content – You can get paid $50 per article and up to write content on various topics.  This is a fun gig allowing you to pick and choose your own topics working anytime you want.
  22. Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie will pay you to give your honest opinions anywhere on any device.  You can also install their app to earn automatic bonuses, cash, and perks when you use their extension.  Survey Junkie is a great way to earn extra cash this summer.
  23. Write reviews – Hinsters is a company that will pay you to write reviews about hotels, restaurants, movies, TV shows, books, apps, games, etc.  You can also earn cash for your opinion as long as you are 13.  Join Hinsters today and get a $5 welcome bonus.
  24. Mindfield Online – This panel accepts teens who are at least 15 to join.  You will get paid cash for your complete participation in online surveys from market research providers.  You must reside in the US or Canada.
  25. Freelance Work – Fiverr is a great platform for teens who are at least 13 to sell just about anything online.  You can start your own freelance business with Fiverr and deliver digital products to customers worldwide.
  26. Mail Decoy – Companies like US Monitor need people to receive mail to their home addresses and enter the codes from each mailpiece image.  Agents get paid every month via a check in the mail.  You get paid a $10 flat fee each month plus $0.25 for every mailpiece image you key in from your computer for the month.  This is an easy way to earn extra cash for the summer.  Read all about what is involved and how it works here.
  27. Create a website – Teens can definitely start a blog to get information out on their favorite topics.  Not only will they help other people with their advice and knowledge but they will be able to monetize traffic when people visit their blog.  Some bloggers generate thousands of dollars each month by writing content on their websites.  Find out how you can get started with your own blog today.
  28. Ysense – Get paid to try new products and services, sign up for websites, watch videos, and more.  You must be 13 if you reside in the US and 16 if you live in other countries.  They offer bonuses for each task you complete.
  29. BankrollBucks – Join this get paid to site to earn real cash or free gift cards for taking surveys, completing offers, visiting websites 20 seconds at a time, entering promo codes, and more.  You must be 13.  Open worldwide.
  30. Leger Opinion – Get paid to complete quick studies from your phone and/or computer on cool topics.  For every survey you complete, you will receive an entry to win additional prizes and rewards including the cash you made from taking the survey.  You must be 14 and live in the US or Canada.
  31. Facebook Groups – You can also earn money promoting products and items in a Facebook Group.  You can build a group around the products you hope to sell and earn a commission when someone makes a purchase.
  32. Twitch – Get paid to play and stream games online with Twitch.  You can join their affiliate program (with parental consent) to earn money when others watch your content.  You can make $200 a month streaming games at your leisure.  Income is earned from subscribers, ads, and bits.
  33. Thredup – Make money selling your clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and more on Thredup.  They will send you a bag to include your items and you ship them to Thredup for free to earn real cash.

Other Sites Teens can use to make money this summer

Get paid cash instantly to take short polls https://paidviewpoint.com/?r=p8xvji

This video I made a few years ago has even more ways teens can make money online this summer

MySoapBox – You must be 13 in the US and 16 outside the US to join this panel.  You will get paid to give feedback on the products and services you use each day.

Valued Opinions – Take surveys in your spare time to earn up to $7 per survey with Valued Opinions.  You must be at least 17 to join this panel.

Lifepoints – Must be 14 to join.  Lifepoints is another site that will pay you to complete virtual surveys.

Opinion Outpost – Easily earn money taking surveys in your spare time if you are at least 17 with Opinion Outpost.


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