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10 Money-Making Sites for Parents and TeensDue to recent unexpected events, many people are out of work and school temporarily.  But the bills are still piling up in spite of this fact.  What can you do with your free time to help offset or even pay some of your expenses?  In today’s post, I will present you with some real ways to make money from home for both parents and teens.

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Before you get started, think about some ways you can eliminate some of your costs by getting rid of or downsizing some of your non-essential items.  Here are some examples.

  • Cancel premium subscriptions (like Cable, Amazon Prime, etc.) and just stick with the basic service.
  • Use paper and digital coupons at the grocery store.
  • Combine services like cell phone plans if your family has a separate one.
  • Buy and purchase off-brand products.
  • Shop wisely at Club stores to get better deals on toilet paper, soap powder, and other much-needed items in bulk.
  • Prepare all your meals at home.
  • Pay with cash instead of using debit or credit cards because you will be more conscious of how much you spend.
  • Only purchase items that are put on a shopping list.
  • Call your providers to work out an affordable payment plan.
  • Browse the Internet with Qmee to compare prices before you go shopping.
  • Shop online with Rakuten for Big savings.  Companies like Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Overstock, and others now desperately need your business and have marked down prices for up to 70% off retail prices.
  • Use smartphone apps to get free food and/or free delivery.

Please remember to browse this blog and also for other money-saving ideas and additional ways to make money from home.

  1. Lionbridge – Right now this company is currently looking for families of 3 living in the US, Phillippines, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Brazil, and Japan to participate in their video research study.  Each family member will have to video record 11 videos based on four short and simple scenarios that will be provided.  Each video will be a maximum of 45 seconds in duration and recorded using a smartphone.  Every family who successfully completes the task will receive $65 via PayPal or direct bank transfer.  All participants must be blood-related.
  2. Panel Polls – Kid-safe community for families including kids, teens, young adults, and parents are encouraged to join this free panel to make money and rewards to participate in fun projects that may include surveys that pay $1 to $10 per survey, TV show and video testing that pay $5 to $10 per test, App and game testing that pay $10 to $100 per test, virtual focus groups that pay $50 to $300 per project, online communities that pay $10 to $100 per month and more.  You can participate in multiple studies at one time.
  3. PrizeRebel – A great site to use daily for teens who are at least 13 as well as others to earn money for answering interesting questions about their favorite brands, working on simple tasks online, finding free offers, and more.  They also give away cool prizes and cash with their bi-weekly contests and sweepstakes.  It is possible to make $500 a month with PrizeRebel if you log onto the site consistently.  Read all the details about how you can make it work for you here.
  4. NCP – A Nielsen-owned company that rewards families in the US for reporting their weekly shopping habits via their smartphones.  Members will scan their purchases and submit them directly to NCP for free gift cards, household items, prepaid debit or credit cards, to win $200 up to $20,000 in cash!  You will also earn more by completing their online surveys which are optional.  This month NCP is giving away some awesome prizes that include an DNA Kit, a Calphalon Premier SS Cookware Set, an Apple 4K TV 64GB, a Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con, a Samsung 50″ Smart 4K TV, and more!  Sign up today.
  5. Clickworker – Clickworker needs internet users worldwide to create and correct texts, take photos, record videos from their smartphones, and more.  You can also work on large project tasks labeled as UHRS daily.  This company pays weekly and allows you to work from your smartphone or computer.  They have family projects also.
  6. InstaGC – I love this site because you can get free gift cards instantly for doing very simple tasks online like downloading apps, visiting new websites, searching the web, and more.  Plus teens who are at least 13 and those who live outside the US can use this site to earn real cash if you don’t want gift cards that can be deposited right into your bank account, or PayPal account or receive a check in the mail.  You can also redeem your money via Bitcoin or on a prepaid Visa card.
  7. L & E Research – Get paid up to $400 or more to complete online focus groups on various topics, bulletin boards, telephone interviews, and more.  This market research group needs adults, teens, and from time to time children with their parent’s permission.
  8. Fetch Rewards – Use code G4HBH to get $2.00 upfront when you join plus earn free gift cards including Visa cards when you scan your grocery receipts, online receipts, and prescriptions, and refer your friends now you can win up to 25,000 points to upload one receipt.  One receipt will be worth $25!
  9. Parent Speak – This is a family-friendly online community for parents that pays you to complete short online surveys and virtual focus groups that could pay $50 or more for about an hour of your time.  They are fun and easy to complete with an online moderator to assist with any questions you have and keep the community environment safe.
  10. Survey Savvy – This market research company allows teens and others who are at least 14 to join for free as a member and get compensated in cash, not points for completing surveys.  They also have several studies that need to be filled in and an ongoing project called Savvy Connect that pays $15 each month guaranteed or $5 per device in the US and UK just to install their app.  You will be required to keep the app installed to continue to earn incentives as you browse the web.  You can install the app on your phone, tablet, and computer.  This panel accepts members worldwide and will send you a check in the mail.


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