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16 Legit Survey Sites for Kids and Teens

Can your school-aged children or teenagers really earn money at home completing and filling out surveys online?  Yes.  If your child already spends time on the computer they can earn money for their opinions and answers online.  Most surveys only take around 5 minutes to complete but from time to time, they have more lengthy surveys.  You will be made aware of this when you are invited to complete the survey online.  The longer surveys will consist of watching a new kid’s television show online or even a clip of an upcoming movie.

How to Make $1,000 a year as a Website Tester

UserTesting.com pays Internet users and others from all over the world to review websites and mobile apps right from home. This job is referred to as being a website tester.  Website testers are paid $10 for a 20-minute test.  Most testers take at least 2-4 tests per week, so it isn’t a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, but you can easily make over $1,000 a year by taking a couple of tests each week.

My Favorite App for Easy Cash

There are a lot of money-making apps that are available on either Google Play or the App Store that claim to pay you to do random things.  Some of them are legit and others are not.  If you are looking for an app that really does pay and will not waste your time, make sure that you give Fetch a try.  Fetch is my favorite app to date because it only takes a few minutes out of your day and you will earn real cash when you use this app.